Warrior's fan fic, real books by Erin Hunter

SeaKit is a small kit who has lost most of her family, everyone thinks because of her size she can't be a warrior. Can SeaKit prove her clan that she should be a warrior? Will she get revenge on the killers of most of her family? Read this to know what happens to this little kitten!


1. Chapter 1 SeaKits Birth

SeaKit was a small silver-Blue kit who lived in TreeClan. Her mother always told her she was special, SeaKit always thought that was what all mothers who lost 2 of their 3 kits said, but her mom didn't mean it that way. This is SeaKit's Story:
BlueMoon didn't think that having kits was this hard, when she had gotten pregnant with her mate FireLeaf she never expected this. BlueMoon could see the Medicine Cat PoolSong in front of her licking the first kit that slid out, PoolSong said to relax and whenever I convulsed to push, I tried as hard as I could to stay calm, I could hear FireLeaf outside pacing back and forth, and whenever I yelped in pain as a kit slid out he would yelp, I started remembering when we were kits and we would play fight and when he became an apprentice and I was jealous, and when we were made Warriors. Then I felt a kit slide out and I yelped and the pain stopped, I couldn't get up to help PoolSong to lick my kits, PoolSong finished licking and nuzzled the kits closer to my belly to get some milk, then called in FireLeaf. FireLeaf started saying the kits were beautiful so I tried to look at them, there were 3 little kits, the smallest a silver blue she-cat right next to her a bright orange tom and one fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat. FireLeaf looked at me, do you want to name one? I tried to reply I was able to slowly nod my head at the orange tom and say flame, FireLeaf said that was a wonderful name, then asked if the tortoiseshell could be named LeafKit, I said yes of course. Then we both asked the Medicine Cat to name the last one, PoolSong said the last one should be named SeaKit, I agreed.


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