1. Return

The place that I have come from long ago,

Is one that many people see in their lives.

Many people would get help,

To try to make it better.

But somehow, I didn’t.


It was a dark, bottomless pit,

And I just kept digging it deeper.

Through the reflecting glass was where I saw it;

What my life had become, and could not be once more.

It was time to walk away.


There are times when I return to that place,

But it only reminds me why I left.

Why I can no longer be that person.

I have lost a part of myself.

And if it means that I am okay, I don’t want her back.


If it means that I don’t need to get help,

Then she must stay at bay.

Trapped is a cage deep within my soul;

Her screams unheard.

She will never return.

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