Little Edwards

Peyton is Perrie Edwards little sister but stays out of the fame 1D and Little Mix will be in this story


1. Meeting Peyton

Hi I'm Peyton! But you can call me Pey. I'm the little sis of the famous Perrie Edwards! It's fun but sometimes ifie I love my "sisters" and "brothers" One Direction and Little Mix they are the best!!! And I will tell you alittle about myself

My hair is blonde, I love singing and acting, well this is my story! Well basically.....

It's been a lazy Saturday afternoon, and I can't take sitting in side for a minute longer! I know! I'll ca my bestfriend Taylor!

*text convo*

To Taylorrrr👭- hey girly want to hang out? I'm bored out of my mind😟

From Taylorrr👭- hey girl! And ya Id love to!

To Taylorrr👭- great! See you in a bit😚

*end of text convo*

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