Real Vs. Fake

Brenda Holla was dared to befriend the schools nerdy outcast Jenna Hamilten. What she thought was going to be just another fake friend, prank and funny joke turned into something more than a lie.
When Brenda discovers her friends were as fake as barbie, she find where the real betrayal really was. She wasn't the one killing Jenna's self esteem. It was a joke on Jenna she was already a pathetic looser, but what happens when Brenda realizes she is the real victim. How will she survive the rest of senior year when hatred is constantly following her.

As she takes a walk in Jennas shoes she realizes life isn't all it cracks up to be.


3. The real Betrayl




I look around to see Tammy and Caiden making out in the corner booth, Jacob and Lisa , a popular couple at our school right there across the booth. Jacob was just laughing  at them and Lisa actually looked guilty. She was a good person.


I CANT BELIEVE THEM! THE 2 PEOPLE I TRUSTED MORE THAN ANYTHING! I ran to the bathroom and cried. I screamed and cried and Jenna came up and hugged me and for some reason I hugged her back. Just full on bear hug.

I let go when the bathroom door opened to reveal Lisa "Oh, my gosh, You saw didn't you?"

"You knew and you didn't tell me!" I choked out between sobs.

"I just found out 10 minutes ago I swear I was going to tell you tomorrow you have to believe me Bren!" She ran to hug me. I believed her. I don't know why but it felt true.

"He-hee told me he loved me, he was my first time! and..." I sobbed out.

Jenna and Lisa came and wrapped there arms around me " Shhh don't talk lets go to my house and we can go to my home movie theater and watch comedy's alnight. Sound good?" LIsa said. I nodded my head and she told Jenna she could come too . They helped me clean up and Lisa redid my make-up.

We were about to leave the bathroom and I realized I was about face my biggest fear, rejection.


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