Real Vs. Fake

Brenda Holla was dared to befriend the schools nerdy outcast Jenna Hamilten. What she thought was going to be just another fake friend, prank and funny joke turned into something more than a lie.
When Brenda discovers her friends were as fake as barbie, she find where the real betrayal really was. She wasn't the one killing Jenna's self esteem. It was a joke on Jenna she was already a pathetic looser, but what happens when Brenda realizes she is the real victim. How will she survive the rest of senior year when hatred is constantly following her.

As she takes a walk in Jennas shoes she realizes life isn't all it cracks up to be.


2. The Fakeness Blooms

I saw Matthew! I don't know his last name but I know he is a hot senior who I would kill to hang out with and he ws giving Jenna a hug. The ugly little wanna be!

" Hey Jenna" I went up to her and said as Matthew walked away " Um so how do you know Matthew?" I tried not sound desperate.

"Um he is my brother" The words hit my like lightning. How can they be related! She is so blah and he is so Oh My Gosh!

" Oh, cool. Lets go to my house k?" I blew it off as if it were nothing. 20 minutes later we arrived at my house after picking up smoothies. We walked in to my empty house.

" Your parents aren't home?" She questioned as if it was her business in the first place.

"My mom doesn't get off work until 9 and my dad lives in London" I said not letting any emotions get to me.

"I thought you had a sister? Calla or Katy?" She just kept going

"I am going to give you a make over" I spoke desperately trying to change the subject. If I had to hang out with her for the next 30 days she had to look good.

" A what?" She replied like she didn't hear me!

"A make over! Come on" I took her hand and pulled her up my golden staircase and into my large bedroom.

" oh ok lol" She said and for the first time in like 3 years I acturlly saw her smile, and she was kinda pretty.

During the time I was giving her a make over we talked for a while and she was nicer and sweeter then I thought. Now that I think about it I never really knew her, but she is still a looser... I think. After I finished putting make up on her I curled her hair and put on one of my old dresses on her. She looked....well beautiful and only one thing was going through my mind "Man I am good" I whispered in the back of my mind as she stood up to go look into the mirror.

"Oh. My. Gosh" SHe put specific emphasis on each word.

"You like" I perked up.

"I love it" SHe hugged me and as she pulled out of the hug I saw a single shiny tear fall from her glistening eye "This is the first time I have felt pretty... In well in 3 years." I wiped her tear. OH MY GOSH! I JUST WIPED JENNAS FACE! EWWWW! What was happening? Was I starting to become her friend!

"Come on lets go to the Café." I whisper fighting back whatever emotions I was feeling. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

We got into my Camaro and started talking about random things, music, clothes, chairs, and some other stuff. 15 minutes later and we walked into the City Café. As soon as we walked in Jenna looked over my shoulder and began to panic.

"Ugh lets go to the back" She tried grabbing my hand but I refused to go and as I turned around to see what she was hiding from me. My eyes started to automatically fill with tears.




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