Real Vs. Fake

Brenda Holla was dared to befriend the schools nerdy outcast Jenna Hamilten. What she thought was going to be just another fake friend, prank and funny joke turned into something more than a lie.
When Brenda discovers her friends were as fake as barbie, she find where the real betrayal really was. She wasn't the one killing Jenna's self esteem. It was a joke on Jenna she was already a pathetic looser, but what happens when Brenda realizes she is the real victim. How will she survive the rest of senior year when hatred is constantly following her.

As she takes a walk in Jennas shoes she realizes life isn't all it cracks up to be.


1. The Dare

"Come on Brenda you have to do it! It was a dare!" My best friend Tammy spoke to me in the middle of the hallway as my boyfriend Caiden and his friend Jacob laughed at what I was just told to do. Ask Jenna Grassen to hang out with me. And I had to be her friend for a whole month.

" I thought you guys were my friends! Friends don't torture other friends" I said with anger and selfishness.

"Oh come on babe, im sure she is not THAT BAD" he replied as all 4 of us started busting up laughing, and as he said the word babe Tammy looked t him with  spark of evil in her eye, but whateva.

"She is a total joke!" I spit out in humility.

" Go on now she is not getting anymore pathetic!" MY friend said trying to hide her laughter. I cant believe my friends would do this to me!

I sigh and walk of to the school stair well where Jenna was sitting reading the book "Lost Without Hope" I took a deep breath tried to look sencere and finally got the guts to say " Hi Jenna"

She looked up at me with utter confusion. "Um are you talking to me Brenda?" NO freaking duh! Ugh, that is one of the many reasons I didn't get along with her, besides the fact she ws complete looser.

"Yeah I am. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me after school?" I spoke acting as if I really meant it. Ha.

" Um sure?" She said more as a question then a statement.

"Cool cant wait" I lied and walked away feeling her eyes question me as I turned around.

Eight meaningless hours later and the end of school came, Tammy and Caiden came up to me as the last bell rang.

"Wanna come to the café with us?" Tammy mocked, knowing I couldn't, and since when so her and Caiden do things together alone?

"Very funny" I hissed as I grabbed my books out of my locker. I hugged Tammy, gave Caiden a kiss and briskly walked over to Jennas locker and I could not believe who I saw standing by Jennas locker.


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