The New Girl

Jasmine was the new girl in town

One direction in this story (not famous)


1. day one as the new girl

Everybody has secrets it depends on whether or not you choose to share them .

Meet Jasmine Parks just a typical girl but what she doesn't know is that one person can change her life forever.


Jasmines POV


Great day one of being the new girl at Bradford high i quickly threw on a black and grey striped shirt with my ripped skinny jeans as well as my beanie converse and bracelets.

Skip to where she gets to school

Uggg where is the front office ohh sweet there it is

"Ah you must be jasmine am I correct?"

"Umm yes"

"Ok here is your Schedule and your locker number is 177"

"Thank you"

Off to find my locker 170,172,174,177 there it is I quickly put all my stuff in my locker

I found my first period class which is just down the hall from my locker.

"Hi I'm Jasmine"

"Hello jasmine I am mr.Ranis you may pick a seat anywhere you would like"

I chose a seat in the far back so that I wasn't sitting next to anyone or so I thought. All of a sudden the door opened and a guy walked in

"Nice of you to join us mr.malik"

He just ignored him and went and sat right next to me

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