Forever Imagines

Through anything at me and I will Wright it for you <3


2. Niall Imagine

       "Hello Princess!" Niall says as he walks in the door , and you come running at him and through you hands around and kiss him on the cheek and say "I missed you shook much Ni!!!" Niall has been gone on tour for what seems like ages!! and after you pull away he pulls you close and kisses your nekneck , you pull away , motioning him to stop , he frowns , and you say "Sorry Baby , not right now :/" he looks at you like you were teasing him and he says "Princess, you even hotter than I remember you!!l and then you think , i wonder has cheated on me :(.  And then you bit down on you lip and think while the other boys file in and you see Harry wink at you and you pull a loose strand of hair behind your ear and smirk.


Hope ya like it CaSsidy <3 love ya bff!!!

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