us(liam payne love story)

“I don't know how long it’s been since I was raped, I don't like to think about it but that’s a bit hard because im 7 months pregnant”
Clara horan is 17 years old and is still in school. 2 months before Clara’s 17th birthday she was raped and she thought she could hide it until she found out on her 17th birthday that she was pregnant. Amazing birthday present right
Liam Payne- school bad boy and the father of Clara’s baby, you got it he raped Clara and now he is back and dating the famous Taylor swift. What happens when he finds Clara and harry are broken apart and she is lonely will he fall for her or will he hurt her even more?
Is it loved at first sight or will he cause more hurt and pain for Clara?
Find out in us (a Liam Payne love story)


2. why me???

It was only term 3 and I had a whole 3 months to go till I give birth and I really wasn’t ready. When the bell went after homeroom I made my way to the bathroom but was rudely shoved into lockers twice. When I finally reached the bathroom I was clutching my stomach and was about to open the door when the three most popular girls in the school came out and blocked my way, in my opinion they are the school sluts, Eleanor, Taylor and Bella,

“Oh look if it isn’t the school slut, maybe that’s why harry is cheating on her with you Bella” Eleanor snickered and I just looked away “to scared to face the truth Clara” Bella decided she should have a turn and that was not ok with me “no im not afraid you bitch, yes im pregnant but I was rapped ok so why don’t you all fuck off u sluts” Taylor’s face showed pure hatred and she stood forward and raised her hand to slap me but it never came I opened my eyes to see a very familiar guy holding Taylor’s hand “babe no leave her alone ok” he pushed past me and pulled Taylor in for a hug and kissed her. He turned around to face me “you must be Clara im Liam my sister over there and her friends have told me so much about you” I just scoffed and looked to him “so let me get this straight Eleanor the slut is your sister and Taylor is your girlfriend eww well I got to go” I was about to walk away but Liam grabbed my wrist and wouldn’t let go he was using pressure and it hurt. I instantly grabbed my stomach to protect it “Bella, girls you want to have some fun” I panicked and looked between all four as I was dragged into the bathroom and was thrown into the corner, still holding my stomach I tried to push them away but it was hard to do because it’s 3 against 1 and not to mention Liam just standing in the corner watching.

There is something so familiar about him; his chocolate brown hair with the slight quiff, those eyes, his clothes, realization hit me as I realized who he is, he was the one that caused my baby, he’s the father of my child, I decided to fight to get out of here to get away from him, to protect my baby but I couldn’t, it went on for like 10 minutes and the only thing I could do was protect my stomach cover it stop the hits from coming and by the time they finished I was covered in cuts and bruises, they all left the bathroom but Liam came back and bent down towards me and whispered “This is for calling my sister names and you better not tell everyone that that child is mine” he then pulled something out of his pocket and I felt a sharp pain in my back

I just sat there even when I heard the door open and close I didn’t move “Clara, Clara where are y- OHMIGOD” it was perrie and Danielle they found me, I was crying in tears, my shirt was soaked in blood and tears and I was shaking “p-p-perrie Danielle m-my baby” I managed to sorta stand up but I fell down again “Danielle go get niall quick” then I blacked out

Niall’s pov (short pov)

I was sitting on the grass laughing at a lame joke Louis made when I could hear someone screaming my name “NIALL! NIALL!” I turned around to see Danielle bent over gasping for breath and then Louis was next to her rubbing her back and whispering something to her, I looked over to zayn who just shrugged his shoulders and looked back to Louis and so did I, “niall it’s Clara something’s happened to her she’s in the girls bathroom” louis said in a very worried voice and I was up off the ground and running into the school.

I arrived in the bathroom to see perrie kicking everyone out and when I turned the corner what I saw was horrific, she had cuts all over her face and bruises on her arms and legs and there was big puddles of blood on the floor, that can’t all be from the cuts can it? I felt the anger boil up inside me and I ran over to Clara and scooped her into my lap while I cried. “Louis have you seen harry” I could hear zayn asking Louis and then he turned to Danielle and perrie and there was no answer.

I stroked all the cuts and bruises on her face and arms and legs, I had wrapped my arm around her back but I could feel something wet so I looked at my hand and it was covered in a thick reddish black colour known as blood, when I looked up I could see that the two girls were crying and wrapped in the boy’s arms and zayn and louis looking at me so worried I couldn’t stand it, at that moment she opened her eyes to look at me and I half smiled, she was ok, the other four came to help me take her to the hospital when we heard laughing and then I think I heard kissing noises then I heard his voice, harry and Bella came around the corner and harry stopped dead in his tracks, when perrie and Danielle moved so he could see her and Clara saw him with just one of the girls that hurt her, “H-h-harry get away from me” Clara rolled half over and held me tight, she’s all I have left and harry wasn’t the only one that hurt her. Zayn took Clara from me and I stood up pushed past Bella grabbed harry by the ear and took him out the back door, I shoved him on the floor and turned around so he could see my blood covered shirt and how pissed off I am, his eyes widened as he saw my clothes

“Is that all from Clara?” he looked scared but I know he doesn’t care about her, I threw my head back and laughed “don’t act like you care about her harry” he stood up and brushed himself off and looked at me “I trusted you harry, hell Clara trusted you and you walk into the bathroom with the one who did this” I turned around and was about to walk away but I stopped and looked at him “one more thing harry, stay away from me and the boys and most importantly stay away from my sister” with that I stormed off but I didn’t get far because I heard harry “I know who raped Clara” I turned around to face him “the father of her child is Liam” I walked up to him and punched him right in the nose “stay away” that’s when I turned around and went to the hospital.

When I arrived I parked my car and ran inside and the gang were all sitting in the waiting area, I could tell they’d all been crying obviously, I was walking over when perrie stood up, I could tell she was crying he most, ran over and hugged me I instantly hugged her back, perrie and Clara have been friends since they were 3 and they met Danielle when Danielle first met louis and louis was 16 he is now 21.

“Is there any family here for Clara horan” perrie pulled away and they all looked at me “are you with Clara horan” the nurse asked, I walked up to her “yeah im her brother niall” she nodded and signalled me to follow her, I turned to the others and they all let me see her first.    

We walked down two hallways and up one set of stairs and we finally reached room 26b, attached to the door was a name tag with Clara horan scribbled on it. I put my hand on the handle then stopped to look at the nurse “im nurse Cullen but you can call me Niki” I nodded then said “how bad is it” she looked at her clip board then read out the list of injuries “A fractured wrist, Internal bleeding of the baby, Cuts on her upper arms and legs” my heart froze with every word she said and I could feel the anger boil up inside me when she said the last injury “there is also a deep stab wound to her back, she lost a lot of blood” I started to shake as I opened the door.

There she was sitting up smiling at me and that wasn’t all she had her hands rested on her stomach (aka her baby), I smiled when I saw she was ok, she had a white bandage on her right wrist, she had a drip going from a machine to her hand, she had a tube going from her stomach to a second machine that was pumping blood probably for the baby, I ran over to her and hugged her and she hugged me back, we stayed like that for about 5 minutes and when I pulled away I found she was crying so I wiped the tears away

“Im so glad you’re ok Clara” she smiled up at me “niall was harry really with Bella or was I hallucinating” I looked down that wasn’t for me to say “I knew it” I climbed onto her bed and hugged her while she cried “don’t worry ok I made sure he won’t come near us again” she nodded she got comfortable and fell asleep in my arms. After like 20 minutes I got up and left the room.

When I got back to the waiting room only Liam was there. Wait what Liam is here. “Niall wait li-“. Anger boiled in my stomach as I remembered what harry had told me “the father of her child is Liam” while I took each step towards him, I didn’t give him a chance to talk because I punched him square in the nose, which I think I broke, “no Liam I won’t listen what are you doing here” he looked up at me as I watched the blood pour from his nose “I broke up with Taylor after I heard what she did to Clara and I came to see if she was ok” I threw my head back and laughed at him and he just stood there dumb founded “stay away from my sister you piece of shit” he took a step towards me as if to challenge me “or what” he spat in my face “I know what you did to her you rapist oh and u stabbed her to” he looked shocked as he stumbled back “she told you” I looked so shocked  “no harry did” with that he turned around and walked out leaving me confused. With that I just walked back to Clara’s room and sat with her till she woke up again.

Clara’s pov

I woke up when I heard the door close and I found niall wasn’t there so I figured he went and got some air or some food. I sat up on my bed and thought about the events that went on yesterday at school and I just broke down. After a while I heard yelling and then a loud thump so I got up to investigate, as I stood up I forgot that my stomach was still connected to the machine because it ripped right out of my stomach which cause it to bleed….badly, so I reconnected it and slowly walked out of the room with pole in hand.

I got to the door of the waiting room and hid so niall and whoever else was there couldn’t see me and I listened. “No Liam I won’t listen what are you doing here” I heard niall yell “I broke up with Taylor after I heard what she did to Clara and I came to see if she was ok” I didn’t realize  that I was crying until I felt something drip on my hand. I can’t believe that Liam is here and using that excuse. “I know what you did to her you rapist oh and u stabbed her to” I heard Liam mumble something then there was silence so with my pole in hand I ran-limped back to my room and locked the door.

About ten minutes later I was curled up on my bed crying again. Gosh I hate crying so much I want it to end. I was thinking but then I remembered what Liam said to niall “I broke up with Taylor after I heard what she did to Clara and I came to see if she was ok” I didn’t believe it at first but then I am carrying his baby but he raped me, even tho he has hurt me so many times I can’t help it that I think im falling in love with him…. Whoa no what’s wrong with me why am I thinking or feeling these feelings?

At that moment I was interrupted from my thoughts when Louis walked into the room. In one hand he held my favourite maroon 5 bag and in the other hand a bouquet of flowers, my favourite ones to the pink roses.

“Um the flowers are from Harry and it was zayn’s idea to bring you some fresh clothes” I nodded and lay back down and faced away from him while he put everything down. “Louis why do things always h-h-happen to me?” I rolled over to face him so he could see me crying and he walked over to me, climbed on the bed and scooped me into his arms and held me while I cried “Clara I dnt know, I just dnt know sweetheart” I held him tight and cried into his chest. He rubbed my back as I cried and cried and cried. “Why me?”

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