us(liam payne love story)

“I don't know how long it’s been since I was raped, I don't like to think about it but that’s a bit hard because im 7 months pregnant”
Clara horan is 17 years old and is still in school. 2 months before Clara’s 17th birthday she was raped and she thought she could hide it until she found out on her 17th birthday that she was pregnant. Amazing birthday present right
Liam Payne- school bad boy and the father of Clara’s baby, you got it he raped Clara and now he is back and dating the famous Taylor swift. What happens when he finds Clara and harry are broken apart and she is lonely will he fall for her or will he hurt her even more?
Is it loved at first sight or will he cause more hurt and pain for Clara?
Find out in us (a Liam Payne love story)


1. prolouge: my life

I don't know how long it’s been since I was raped, I don't like to think about it but that’s a bit hard because im 7 months pregnant


It was a cold night 7 months ago, I was out at a party with my friend’s perrie and Danielle, we were drinking and I had only had 2 when this very cute guy came over he was nice and sweet or so I thought.

He had chocolate brown hair with a slight quiff, he had the most amazing chocolate brown eyes I’ll never forget them, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. We talked then he led me out side and that’s where it happened. In an alley way of all places,

He had me up against the wall and I could feel his hot breath on my neck and then he slide his hand up under my shirt and that was it

I was thrown on the ground and he was taking my clothes off and no matter how much I kicked and struggled he would just get harder but as soon as I screamed he would shove his member in my mouth. Eww, then when he was finished with me he left me there to die and I haven't seen him since.

-End of flashback-

I shot up in bed sweating due to that recurring nightmare, clutching my stomach I stood up and went downstairs to the lounge room and grabbed a cup of tea. I flicked on the TV and flicked through random channels, when I couldn’t find a channel I liked I turned the TV off and went upstairs to get ready for school. I haven’t said anything about myself.

Hi my name is Clara horan, yes niall horan is my brother anyway, im 17 and in year 12, I have short blond hair that comes to my shoulders and I attend Doncaster high school, but since I got raped I now get bullied about it. After I was dressed I came downstairs to the full body mirror to examine myself,

I was wearing a black Minnie skirt, a white button up blouse and the schools black and red tie along with my favourite black high heels the ones with the pretty red bow, my blond hair was dead straight with the slight curl at the bottom, I had light pink lipstick and a tiny bit of mascara on. After a second do over I grabbed my school bag, locked to door and walked to school.

As I walked the street to school I got dirty looks from people (that’s normal) and when I got to school it was way worse. I get called so many different names and the only people in my school who actually stand up for me is my brother and his friends, harry, Louis and zayn, perries boyfriend.

“Yo Clara vas happening” I turned around to see my brother and his mates walking towards me I smiled and ran (sorta) towards them. I gave niall a huge hug and he rubbed my belly like always, I gave zayn and Louis a hug and I gave my boyfriend the biggest kiss as he rubbed my bump, oh you should probably know that me and harry are together and he knows he is not the father but he doesn’t care. “Nothing much just looking for you guys and avoiding everyone” they all just laughed and I did to as we walked to class

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