My Brothers Best Friend (a Luke Hemmings fanfic)

Luke is her brothers best friend. She thinks of him as a brother. Never thought about dating or even kissing him! All that can change. But what happens when his band 5 Seconds of Summer keeps getting bigger and bigger? Will she stay? Or will she go?


3. Chapter One

*Ashleys P.O.V*

I barely heard the weak knock over the blaring music. 'Nobody's home' I mumble to myself. “Who is it?” I yell from the bottom step, praying it's nobody that wants in. I'm that type of girl who likes to keep to herself. I really don't like people over much. “It's Luke,” I hear a thick Aussie say from the other side. I let out a tiny sigh and open the door. “Andrew's not home,” I say. “Oh well. Do you know when he will get back?” He asked, slightly chewing at his bottom lip. “Um. In a few minutes,” I reply, shifting my weight to my left leg. “Well do you mind if I wait with you?” He asked with a grin which showed his dimples. I look back into the house and open the door wider, inviting him in. I walk upstairs and he follows a step behind. When I reach my room, I turn down the music and he speaks, “I like that band. A lot.” I look back at him with a weird look and say, “You don't look like a person who would like Sleeping With Sirens. But their songs have great meaning.” He laughs and shakes his head. “I get that a lot. And yea they do,” he says shoving his hands deep into his pockets. I walk to my bed and sit and he does the same. It was all silent until he spoke up. “Ashley. Can I tell you anything?” He asks, looking deep into my ocean blue eyes. “Yea,” I reply, blushing. “I like you a lot. I was afraid to say anything. I didn't want your brother or you to hate me anymore. But at this point I don't care what he says. I love you Ashley,” he says leaning closer to me. I'm speak less at first then I stuttered out, “I like you too.” He smiles and we both lean in. 'Oh my god! Is he really gonna kiss me? What if my breath smells?' I worry inside my head. He gets closer and closer and I can smell the peppermint gum on his breath and cologne on his flannel. He rests his forehead on mine and slowly kisses me. The cologne aroma goes up my nostrils and the scent dances around. When we brake, we both are gasping for air. He smiles and takes his hand in mine. I gently smile and entwine our fingers together. I go to lean in, when Andrew stomps up the stairs. I jerk my hand away and go to the door frame. Luke comes right behind me. “Luke came by and I told him you should be home soon, so I let him in and wait,” I smile to him. “Thanks Ash. You're the best,” he kisses my cheek lightly. I smile and go to shut my door and see Luke holding his hand to his ear and mouthing 'Call me'. I smile in agreement and shut the door. Man, am I really in love?

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