Tony starks my uncle

Read to find out

Don't worry its a 1D fan fic


2. Tony's here

Zohaibs POV

OMG I swear if this lady comes baby siting again I swear he will die. She yells at me for no reason and then she yells at sana for defending me and my family!

She's gonna get it if she comes.

Tony's POV

Well I'm gonna have the most boring time of my life for the next two weeks.

I could be throwing party's.

oh well

The next day.

Sanas POV

Man today's the day of torture.

As soon as there is a knock at the door me and Zohaib walk down the stairs very slowly and when I open the door with the most blank face u will ever I keep my head down and so does Zohaib and I open the door fully and let my aunt come in. "Aww ur not happy to see me u guys r soo mean u hate me don't u I knew it I always knew u hated me!"

Me and Zohaibs heads shot up and we screamed on the top of our lungs. "UNCLE T WE MISSED U SOOO MUCH"and we jumped up and grabbed him in a hug.

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