Tony starks my uncle

Read to find out

Don't worry its a 1D fan fic


4. pissed off bro much!?😐

Zohaibs POV

OMG I CAN'T BELIVE ITS UNCLE T HE'S THE BEST BABYSITTER EVER. I can't wait to throw party's at home with him.

Tony's POV

When I walked threw the door the kids head were down. Wait they rnt kids anymore they r teenagers.

Sana had the most blank face I've even seen before and they were sad. "Aww ur not happy to see me u guys r soo mean u hate me don't u I knew it I always knew u hated me!"

Then their heads shot up and they

Lunged at me hugging me so right I couldn't breath"UNCLE T WE MISSED U SOO MUCH!!"

I hugged them back. My nephew and niece have grown up so much.

Moms POV

I can tell tony just arrived by the kids excitement. So lets go we need to leave for the cruise.

We dragged our luggage down the stairs and we saw tony and the kids hugging. How sweet. We quickly gave the kids goodbye hugs and left.

Sanas POV

Thank god they left so we could spend more time with uncle T.

"So uncle T do u have gifts for us!"

"What do u expect me to bring?!"

He then pulls out a action figure of himself and hands it to me. "Thanks uncle t" I give him a bear hug. Then he grabs out $2,000 to Zohaib and zohaibs mouth drops.

"Hey ZO this is for u"

"Thanks uncle- guys stop Colling me uncle t just call me tony."

"Ok well TONY is it ok if we throw a party here with a bunch of girls my brother asks.

Zohaibs POV

"No we can't Zohaib, I'm following ur parents rules."

He says sternly.

"Tony come on u know u want to plus I've been wanting to forever!"

"No means no Zohaib!!"

"Gosh when did u start following the rules and when did u become my dad!!!!??!!!!"

Then I grab my leather jacket and run out of the house and in my car. I'm going to Anthony and Chris's house.

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