Tony starks my uncle

Read to find out

Don't worry its a 1D fan fic


1. intro

Sanas POV

u guessed it I'm tony Starks niece.

Otherwise known as iron man.

Uncle T as we call him is always busy and stuff but he's the best uncle ever. I'm 15 and in 9 grade while Zohaib is in college. He is 19

Well my parents r going on vacation and I bet u they r gonna get my really annoying aunt to baby sit me and my bro.

Well I have to go for right now I have to clean my room so when my aunt comes she won't complain about my messy room.

Dads POV

Well ik my kids r expecting their aunt to come and we know they hate her. So I called my brother tony. "Hey tony is it ok if u could watch the kids while me and naghma r gone on a vacation?"

"Sure how long?"

"It will be about 2 weeks!"

"Sure I don't have anything planned so why not"

"Thanks my brother ill call u later just be here before tomorrow!"

"Don't worry bro I got this I love these kids!"

"Ok tony"

"Bye big bro"

I hung up.

Ok so I guess uncle t is coming.

I'm not telling the kids yet I'm just gonna let then clean their rooms so auntie comes she won't complain.

I have to finish packing.

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