Your Hogwarts Adventure

Are you ready to go to hogwarts? Put your name, appearence, house, Year, if your on the Quittich (and if you are position) Prefect or head, know it all or never pay attention, blood status, date/crush, Traits, Gender and additional info. Always adding new people into the story. I will TRY to update as much as possible.


2. They Wern't kidding / Diagon Ally

"Honey, it says to go to Diagon ally to get your supplies" My mum said looking down at the letter.

"Were is it" I  questioned. "It says at the leaky caldron.

It's in london" She replied "Lets go" I said already jumping out of my seat.

"Right now?" She looked surprised.

"We don't have anything better to do" I walked out the door.

The sun was shining bright and the air was sweet. It was at least 85 degrees, but that pretty normal considering it was August 31.

We got in the car ant drove to what looked like a 100 year old building with a creaky old sign labled the leaky caldron.

"This is the place" I said with regret for even coming. Mum parked the car and we went inside. The inside did not look much diffrent then the front except for the drunk guys at the bar. I asked the bar tender, "Were is Diagon Ally". "Your a muggle born are you, well it is through that door, Tap the wall 5 times" he said. "thanks" "come on mum it s this way" I told her ponting to the door. we walked through and came to a brick wall. I raised my hand and taped the wall 5 times. Suddenly the bricks moved to form an arch. Is this real or am I dreaming. I glanced arouned it was beautiful, witches and wizards walking the street lined with stores."I need robes" I said looking down at the list. "There it is, Madam Malkins robe shop," I pointed out and walked Into the shop. "Ouch" I screached as I fell to the floor with a thud. "Sorry" Said a tall, Red haired boy he had vivid Gold eyes and a well buit body, he stuck out his hand to help me up. "thank you" I said. " My name is Chase Garder" Said the boy. "Nice to meet you, I'm Casey Hill" I replied. "Do you need help finding robes" he asked. "Yes" I pleaded. ''come this way, Hogwarts right". "yep".  ''Try this one" he handed me a pair of robes. "Thanks again" I said. ''See you at hogwarts" he said with a smile. "See ya" I said quietly

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