Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


11. where is she?!

Louis POV

I woke up with two woman with mouth masks on looking over me. I sat up and looked around confused. 'Hello sir. I'm happy that you woke up' woman 1 said. I just nodded and watched woman 2 wrap a bandage round my knee. 'You seem to have sprained your knee sir.' Woman 2 said. I just nodded and remembered what happened. My eyes widened. 'Where is she?' I asked. 'Where is who sir?' Woman 1 asked. 'My girlfriend...' I replied. 'Sir I'm sorry but we only saved you and your mate. There wasn't a girl there' woman 1 replied. 'My mate?' I suddenly realised. 'Dan ain't my mate' I said seriously. 'Sir have some of these.' Woman2 said passing me tablets. 'Nu uh. Your giving me those cause you think I'm mad... I'm not mad! My girlfriend is out there! She saved me! And if she is still out there. Then I need to save her!' I said easing my voice and standing up. 'No sir sit down you need to sit down and have these tablets!' She said also reading her voice. 'Oh just quit it shaniqua! He isn't lying! I can see it... Just go will you.' She said. I pushed past her and shaniqua and nodded my head to her thankfully.

I walked up to some firemen. 'Hey mate. Did you happen to save a girl from the fire?' I asked a man. 'No not at all...' He replied. 'Well she's out there. Say. Can I go see if I can find her in that spare suit?' I asked pointing towards the spare suit hanging. 'Hahaha no not at all mate' he said walkin away whistling. To bad mate. Too bad. I grabbed the suit and started putting it on. The man was coming back. I dropped and rolled under the truck. 'What? What the?! No he didn't'. He shouted running away. I got out from under and put the helmet on and walked towards the fire. The men nodded at me. They must of thought I was one of them.

I just thought of one of my books named little things. And when I say it in my head. I just think of balls. Human balls. Man balls. Is that bad. Nope. Just I'm a dirty minded freaked. Lol

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