Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


10. sozzy poo

Sorry but I'm not doing another chapter tonight. I just ate a whole tub of mint choc chip ice cream and I feel sick. It's like man vs food lol! Oh wait. I just called myself a man... Lady vs food... It doesn't work does it? Gawd. I'm such a fatty. Bc of the fact I had a mahoosive kebab beforehand. I'm like niall lol! Maybe he might not be as in love with my phone and bed as him... Cue sidetrack. Everyday when I come home from school I faceplant into my bed and scream into It. I've missed you baby. And have a power nap. It's normal ok. Then I dance to one direction songs whilst gettin changed. But you didn't hear that from me. (Hits side of nose 3 times). Lol I hit my nose to see how many times you do it and my dad looked at me like: I'm sure she's adopted

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