Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


5. meeting the boys

Jenna's POV

I stood in the doorway of the lounge. I look down and realise all my legs were bruised. Louis stopped fighting as he saw me he came up to me and brought my chin up. 'Whats wrong?' He asked seeing it in my eyes. I look down again and he follows my gaze. 'What has he done to you?' He said as he gives me a boo bear hug. He sounds teary. 'Just promise me that you will never let him get me... Ever' I say hugging him back.

'Heeey why don't I get a hug. I carried you here..' Niall said looking down. 'And us' Harry said. I sighed and walked onto the sofa and stretched my arm out. Suddenly I had 5 very heavy boys hugging me. 'Hey Louis! You already had your hug!' I say giggling and gasping for breath. 'Yeah Louis!' Zayn said teasing Louis. Ok he did look pretty gutted then. Which was quite sweet. My face started going red where I couldn't breath. 'Guys she can't breath!' Louis said pulling them off one by one. 'Sorry. We just love you so much' Harry says looking down. 'I bet niall put most of the weight on her' Liam says laughing. 'Ha your just jealous cause all the people at nandos know me!' Niall says. 'You go there for 3 meals a day and the ones in between' zayn says laughing his head off. I just sit there awkwardly whilst they babble on. 'Please excuse me' I say whilst running to the bathroom. 'Are you ok?' I hear a concerned voice from behind me. I hear the steps come towards me and kneel beside me rubbing my back as I vomit into the toilet. 'Was it something you ate..?' He asked concerned. I look at him. 'Oh yeah...' He say awkwardly. 'It was just speaking about food.' I reply. He runs his hands through his head and stands up and holds his hand out. I take it and he pulls me up. 'I know I'm heavy..' I sigh. He chuckles at this and I look at him. 'Your as light as a feather.' He says seriously. I smile and tuck my hair behind my ear. He starts to lean in and I can't help but stare at his lips. Hesiod because there was someone coughing in the doorway. I was the first to look up. 'Louis!!! We told you not to hog her..' Niall said with puppy dog eyes. I roll my eyes and walk into the bathroom turning the tap on to brush my teeth

Louis POV

I was so close to her lips. I could feel her breath on my nose. But it got ruined by niall. Screw him. I laughed at this thought he looked at me strangely and walked out the bedroom. I looked at the clock and realised It was 9. It seemed like to hours ago she woke up and fluttered her beautiful blue eyes. Very similar to mine but differs at the same time. Mind she did take a while in the shower. And the boys have been round a while. I remember her bruised legs. Is it on my side of the bed and sigh. What did that dan to her. And what will he do. No. He won't get her. I promised I'd keep her safe. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I sighed and walked out the room. The lounge was deserted but the rooms for the boys lights were on. I guess there staying a night or two. Or normally a month. It's what they usually do. They make me laugh. I walk back to my bedroom and notice a body in the bed looking at me. I smile and go to the drawers taking my top off. I turn round and notice she's staring at my 6pack. 'Do you like what you see madam?' I say grinning. I see her blush and turn into her pillow. I shrug and jump in next to her. Not literally. Like niall would. He's mad. He should go to a doctor.

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