Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


4. meeting the boys

Jenna's POV

I wake up on the floor looking up at Louis who was crouching over me. I wonder why why I was on the floor. 'You fell screaming' he said reading my mind. Or the expression on my face. He held his hand out pulling me up. 'We have to go' I say worried. 'Why?' He said chuckling his smile and eyes mesmerising me. 'Because dan is probably here.' I say clicking out my thoughts. His face turns serious and he kneels down and rests his hands on my thighs 'we're safe here even I he does come. I'll keep you safe' he says. I stand up and he falls onto his back. 'The boys are coming today to see you' he says kicking his legs trying to get up ninja style. 'Who would want to see me?' I say looking down at myself. 'The boys and me' he says chuckling. I sigh and walk Into the en suite closing the door shut behind me. 'The shower is really cool!' Louis shouts through the door. I turn the shower on and take my clothes off looking down at the bruises imprinted on my body. I sigh and get into the shower. When I get into the shower I start thinking about Louis and how he saved me. And how he thinks about me. I know he wouldn't lie to me. I trust him. Suddenly a loud bang and lots of voices are heard down the hall. I turn the shower off and step out he shower I trip on the mat but I land on the toilet. Lucky. First time I've been lucky in a while. Except the fact that Louis and Niall saved me. I hear a knock on the door. I put a towel round myself and step out the bathroom. No one is there except I pile of clothes on the bed. I smile as I know Louis would of informed the boys to get them for me. I grab the pile and run back to the bathroom. I dry my body and put the skirt on and then I tuck my blouse into the skirt. I don't bother about drying my hair but I put it into a loose ponytail and making a hole with m inherent I pull the dangling hair through the hole. I'm happy with my look and I leave the ensure and bedroom and into the lounge where 4boys are restyling in the floor. Liam I presume is just sat on the sofa shaking his head with his arms folded.

Yummy readers. I'm going in the car gettin home charging my phone and then dancing with 'Louis' then writing the next chapter. :) hope you like it so far. I'm pushing myself to do this at the end of each paragraph. This is part one of two chapters in meeting thee boys I'm rather worried about myself. I almost punched a girl today because she didn't like one direction. And in French I did a story map of me and Louis dating going to London meeting the boy eating at nandos then goin to the studio and singing. Aha then back to nandos for nandos haahahahaaa I need to go to the doctors. Now! Someone take me. I am one step closer to madness. Like the group! Okay okay I'm going now.

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