Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


6. last first kiss. hopefully

Jenna's POV

I wake up on the ground. Again. Louis looking over me. 'You weren't screaming niall woke me up because he pushed you off the bed.' Louis said picking me up bridal style. 'He's such a big kid' I say laughing. He carries me Ito the lounge where the boys were all crowded round... 'Fifi the flowertots?' I say shocked. The boys jumped and changed the channel quickly. 'Harry why did you put that on?!' Niall looks shocked at Harry. 'Good thing X factor was for acting cause you wouldn't of gotten pass the first round' Louis say laughing putting me down. 'Well anyway Louis you carried me here go no reason cause I'm going and getting changed' I looked at Louis who was flapping his hand at me. I laugh and turn on my heel. I hear Louis following me. Yes I know what Louis footsteps sound like. And his breath. What?! There isn't anything else to do here except talk to Louis or watch niall eat. You know what last thing is getting straight out of my mind. I turn around to see Louis in the corner of the room getting changed, I smirk as he doesn't seemed to bothered about me being in the room. I turn back around and pull some skinniest up over my stomach and button them up I turn back around and Louis is gone. He must've gone to the boys I shrug it off and take my top off. Suddenly I get pulled onto the bed as I pulled m top on. I turn over to see Louis smirking at me. I smirk back at him and slap him playfully on the shoulder I go to get up but I realise his arm is around me. 'I wanna be last yeah last to take it all the way like this.' He sang. His own song cheesy but sweet. He puts a bit of my hair back behind my ear and gets hold of my chin. I blink my eyes heavy. Ugh to early in the morning. He starts to lean in. To slow. I quickly close the gap getting bored of him teasing me. He grazes my bottom lip. I... Grant entrance to him as our tongues dance. I break apart this kiss just in case niall, Harry, zayn or Liam come toddling in. I get up off the bed and walk to the lounge. Louis following. Ha my little doggie.

Okay night guys I hope you like my book so far cause my heart is beating fast as I type this. He is just so gorgeous. Who agrees?

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