Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


12. I'm going to die

Jenna's POV

I woke up and my surrounding sleeve black and smelled smokey. I stood up and realised I was in a ring of fire the smoke nauseating me. I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die. I wanna date Louis! His hair. His eyes. His voice. His smirks. His smell. His Hugs. His... Accidental looks at my lips. Maybe I shouldn't be thinking of this. You know. In high school musical. They break into song suddenly. I think it was time for that.

Not telling you the song cause you'll know it when you see the first line

Your insecure... (Voice cracking)

Dunno what for

Your turning heads when you walk through the... Door

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