Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


9. first date

Jenna's POV

'Mmmm that mcdonalds was grrrrr-ate' I said rubbing my stomach. Louis laughed. 'But serious now.. Where are we going?' I said with a serious look on my face. 'Its a sec-' he cut himself off, staring. I followed his gaze to find out what made him stop. I gasped as I saw what used to be a dry tree but now it was a red orange and a tiny of yellow substance around it. Louis stopped the car and started to get out. 'No Louis wait!' I shouted after him. He stopped and turned around. 'What are you doing?' I said curiously. I pointed and three men in hoodies. I got out and followed him. He grabbed my hand and I squeezed it. He looked at me at started walking. We reached the men and they turned round. I gasped and held onto Louis' hand even tighter. He looked at me curiously and realised why I had froze. 'Dan' he gritted. Dan just laughed. Physco. 'Is there a reason why your burning this tree?' Louis asked. 'Is there a reason why my girlfriend is holding your hand?' Dan replied sarcastically. 'I broke up with you... Remember. Or has becoming a physco tooken over your mind?' I gritted. Good comeback. Cue mentally part on the back. Dan started reaching into his pocket which is wear he wait his gun or his knife. Today it was... Oh look a gun.. I closed my red tightly and bit my lip. I opened one and realised he was pointing it at Louis. I gasped. 'I'll trade ya' he said to Louis. 'Your life. For my girl.' He said. 'Never. I promised I'll keep her safe from. Whatever you are. And I ain't breaking it' he said. Nu uh he ain't taking his life for me. He's done to much for me. I need to start helping him now. 'Deal' I said. Louis shot me a glare. Not an angry glare. A confused glare. 'No I promised you!' Louis said tears rolling from his eyes. I smiled at him as dans two. Brain washed mates grabbed my arms. 'I never made a deal for this!' I said whilst trying to grab the boys nipples. Oh yes. The nurple purple. 'Cant let you run away now can I?' Dan said. I jumped as I saw him fall to the floor. I looked up from the ground and saw Louis holding one of his hands. I smiled. I worked well on him. Hah no. I finally reached the boys nipples with both my hands on each of theirs and twisted they dropped me and Louis helped me up and we started running. We were so close to the car. 'JENNA!!!' I heard someone shout my name. We both turned round and saw dan point to the tree and drop as roll. The tree was falling straight at Louis. Nu uh he ain't dying! I pushed him out of the way and he landed on the ground passed out. Must of been the smoke. I turned roun and saw the tree top above me. 'AAAAAAssAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!'

Yeah so that's the first date. Lol the tension. Yeah so I didn't update until tonight because I only just got home from Weston super mare lol. Yay action! There will be even more in the next chapter but meh kebabs just come so yummeh food. I gotta go and let the food so me teeth. Yummy. Cue stalker face and chicken screaming. Haahahahaaa that thought I can't get it out my mind. Aaaah no. Cue slap. Aaaah. Cue slap on head. Get outta my mind.

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