Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


1. dan..

Jenna's POV

Jenna's POV

Hi my names Jenna and I have an abusive boyfriend. One I've had a crush on since year 7 I've tried to break up with him. But he won't let me every time those words come out of my mouth I either. Anyway to the present!

'You little selfish idiot!'He screamed I my face. 'If I'm selfish why date me?!' I scream back. It's embarrassing because he left the front door open. Which we were stood in front of right this minute. 'Sometimes I wonder why!' He sighed. 'Well every time I try to end this thing you either slap me or send me to my room without tea! You baby me!' I shout. 'Only because you deserve it!' He shouts back. 'I deserve it do I? Well we're right by the OPEN door so how about I don't say but just walk out hm?!' I question him. 'Go on then' he says. 'Fine but just so it's clear... We're through!!!' I say as I turn on my heel but before I leave my cheek starts stinging and my hair is being pulled outside. 'Couldnt help yourself could you?! To much kindness for you?!!' I shout. 'One more word from you and I mean it this time. I will push you out in the road as Soon as a car comes past' he lectures me. 'Well then I best make this clear before I die! We. Are. Through. ' I say slowly. He pushes me to the ground and it hurts my back. 'Couldnt help yourself could you?' I say but I start to struggle as soon as he pulls his knife out. He holds it to my neck. 'Last words cup-' he says but I cut hi off. 'Okay. One. I hate you you bastard your bollocks should be cut off. Two. Don't call me cupcake. Three. Have fun in jail.' I say sarcastically with a smile at the end. Suddenly I go dizzy. I forgot. I haven't drank in two days because he's made me. Everything goes black but I can still see. A man comes up from behind dan whilst I was still struggling and punches dan. 'Get the girl!' I hear him shout to his friend I think. I close my eyes because it felt so hard to keep them open.

Hey. Okay I know this ain't my first movella buuut I'm going to keep updating so anyway I love you and keep reading I will be writing a few chapters tonight so anywayzzzz

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