Dont let him get me

'Whats he done to you?' His voice says hugging me. It sounds teary and I cry into his chest. 'Dont let him get me. Ever'


7. alone

Louis POV

Ok so today is the day. It is the day I will ask Jenna to be my girlfriend. The way she looks at me. The way she trusted me. I feel something for her. And not in a brother way. In a 'I promise' boyfriend kind of way. She is still sleeping but cuddled into my chest. I smell her hair and smile. Kiss her head and close my eyes. Maybe when I wake up again she'll be up to. I hold onto her tightly. I'm sure she don't want to wake up on the floor again.

My eyes finally fluttered open and so did Jenna's. Her beautiful blue eyes. She's still half asleep so I pick her up bridal style and plopped her on the sofa. She was more awake then. I can finally ask her. I go and make myself a tea. But. Oh wait. No tea bags... I trudge back into the lounge and sit down next to her. She looks at me and smiles. In her angel like way. 'Morning beautiful' I say. That was so cheesy. God. 'Morning... As I know I am' she said grinning. 'Even with you bed head?' I say grinning back at her. 'Yup' she said popping the p. Alliteration! I haven't used that since.... Yr10? Haha they didn't really need to teach me that. Waste of my time. I run my hand through my hair and scratch the back of my head. 'Um... Jenna... Canyoubemygirlfriend?' I say quickly. 'Slower..' She said 'I'm not sure if I heard yo correctly.' 'Um can you be my girlfriend?' I say slower but still quick.'repeat the last part?' She said looking confused. 'Be my girlfriend?' I said. She grinned is that good. Or is the bad. I'll decide later. 'Of course I will doofus!' She laughed. I grinned and kissed her. Hold on. There is something strange here. I pull away and look around. It's quiet. To quiet. I go to the kitchen. The bread is gone. They have been here. I close the fridge door and notice a note. 'Sorry we had to go shopping. For food. For me! No that was niall we promised him if he comes with us without buying loads of junk we will go to nandos before we come back. The boy is out dustbin. Jeez lol. Well I never thought I'd 'WRITE' that well. From Liam. Ps don't do anything you wouldn't do.'

Okay so I can't write anymore on this chapter cause my phone wit let me off bold. :l unpleased face. So my peasants, bookworms. Any other stuff where I am queen. I hope you are enjoying the book so far. Sorry there hasn't been any action yet. But there will be soon! Okay my lovelies I am going to not do.. The next chapter until later. Boohoo I'm cryin. I got school. And I don't want to leave you guys but mostly the school. Waaaa! Don't let them take me! Just got home bak kills. Ah did to many crabs in pe

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