Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


9. Chapter 8

~Pinks POV.

'How about tonight?' He asked.

'Yessss..' I said and jumped around, he laughed. 'Sorry, I just like you!' I literally slapped myself for that, and Liam looked at me shocked. I ran away, and yup I'm lost! In a HOUSE! How stupid am I then?

I opened a door, and saw the art room. I'm gonna make something, If I need to think I or sing or draw. But I don't wanna draw actually, So I am gonna sing. I looked on my phone for a song, I didn't find something, so I sing just a song thats in my head.

I started to sing, and then the doorbell rang but I kept singing.

~Liams POV.

I heard Pink singing so I wanted to walk to her, but then the doorbell rang.

'Liam can you open it?!' Niall said. Ugh... Pink just have to wait, but when she said she liked me, I was surprised. When she ran away I felt guilty.

I opened the door and saw Simon standing there, ofcoars. Forgot!

First he looked angry, he was about to say something, but he closed his mouth. He walked upstairs to Pinks voice, Ofcoars he heard her. We saw Pink standing in the art room with tears on her face. Simon waited when the song stopped and he clapped his hands. Pink jumped.

'What is it today, everybody is scaring me.' She said and turned around and her mouth hing open, I felt guilty that she cried. but she didn't look at me, but she looked at Simon.

'That my dear, is a beautiful voice.' he stated and clapped his hands again. she looked at me, and I nodded, she blushed.

'Uhm... Thank you mr Cowell.' She said shyly.

'You can call me Simon or uncle Si.' He said and she nodded and looked down. So he can't see her eyes. I walked towards her and kissed her cheeck again, she looked up and blushed again.

'You are cute when you blush' I wispered in her ear. Simon was standing next to me and she looked up and he looked her straight in the eyes, then her hair.

'Is this real? Pink hair, and pink eyes?' Simon asked, and she nodded.

'And my name is Pink, ironic.' she joked and he looked shocked and walked away, what was that? I walked after him.

'Whats wrong uncle Si?' I asked.

'That g-girl, is m-maybe my d-daughter.' He said, and I was shocked. Her parents died in a car crash, right?

'But she said her parents died in a car crash...' I was about to say 'In Australia.' But Uncle Si interrupted me.

'In Australia? Isn't it?' He said with watered eyes, I nodded.

'What did you give her, when you drove to the airport?' I already know the answer, but still.

'A necklace, with a pink stone.' He replied. 'And for her 13 birthday a crown.' he said, I didn't know about a crown, but maybe he is right. Maybe she can finally have a dad.

'Do you wanna say it?' I asked him and he nodded. We walked in the room, but she wasn't there. I walked to her room, and there she was. Unpacking.

She was holding a crown, a pink one. and her eyes got tears again, but she wasn't the only one. Uncle Si had tears too. She started to sing a song, that I never heard of. but ucle Si knows it.

Together we are strong,

If you need help you can get it.

You deserve something better

but you can't have it.

Strong is a word.

with so many things.

Be strong.

and you are my only daughter.

It was a song, that Simon wrote for her probably.

~Pinks POV.

I started to sing my dads song. It brought so many memories.

'I wish you are here daddy.' I cried.

'But I am.' Simon said, wait, what??  What is going on?

'Pink, I dunno if you are gonna believe this, but I am your dad.' He said, First I didn't want to believe him but, he looked soo familiar.

'But h-h-how, You are dead?' I asked

'I was in the car crash, your mother died,but I survived. I didn't remember anything. I didn't know until now. I looked into your eyes and I remembered everything.' He said crying

'I missed you dad' I said and hugged him thight.

'I missed you too.' And hugged me back. I saw Liam crying. I let go of dad and hugged Liam, and he hugged back.

''Well, enough drama.' dad said.

'Oh and dad, Is it okay if I go on a date with someone?' I asked nervous.

'Uhm.. who is it?'


'yes you can, I trust you Liam. If you brake her heart, I break you.' Liam nodded quick and I giggled. Finally someone who cares about me, like a dad.

'Go get dressed. I am gonna take you out in 1 and a half hour.' He said and I walked to Anne first. When I opened the door I saw Anne and Niall kissing.

'I hope that I am not interrupting something?' I said, and they jumped. Anne gives me a death glare.

'Aw... Come on Anne I need your help.' I said.

'For what?' She replied.

'For my date with Liam!' I said and walked to my room. She follwed me and we jumped.

'Finally, and Niall and I are going out tonight!'

'Me too!' I said and we jumped.

'Btw, nice room!'

'You too, but I am gonna shower, See you in half hour back here, I am gonna help you and you me, deal?' I said, she nodded and ran away.

I took a shower, and changed in some sweatpants, and shirt. Anne came back with the same things on.

'You can borrow some of my clothes. I choose something for you and you for me, Okay?' I said and she nodded again. While I searched for a dress for her, I told her that my dad is Simon Cowell and how. She hugged me.

I choose this for Anne:

She smiled big at my choice for her.

She gave me this:

And some high heels.

'I Always admired your fashion choices!' Ane said when she changed. I changed too and she looked at me and she was jealous!

She helped me with curling my hair.

My Hair: (just think it is a red flower headband)

Her Hair: (just the same)

We looked at eachother and nodded, we looked great!

'Are you girls ready?!' Niall shouted from downstairs. We walked to the stairs and saw Liam and Niall waiting.

'Finally you guys are....' He looked at us and couldn't talk anymore. Liam looked at me and smiled, his hand was on my waist and we walked outside. Niall still looked at Anne and she giggled.

'You look absolutely gorgeous!' He wispered in my ear, I blushed

'Thanks, you don't look bad by youself!' I joked and he smirked. 'So where are we going?'

'That is a surprise.' He replied, I hate surprises. Liam smirked, i said that out loud didn't I?

'Yes you did.' He said. oops? 'Close your eyes.' he said and I closed my eyes. We walked and then he said'Open your eyes.' I did as told and saw a picknick, With rose petals, it was beautiful!

'Is it nice?' He asked nervous.

'It is beautiful! I love it!' I replied.

'It isn't as beautiful as you.' He said sweet. It was a great night, we ate something, talked and looked at the stars, because it was already dark.

He drove back to the house.

'I had a great night Liam.' I said.

'Me too.' We walked to the door, but before I could open it, he turned me around and kissed me, after a couple seconds I kissed back. This was my first kiss.

No Sparks, No firework or Butterflies (sorry cursing)

It was a fucking tornado with bombs and a earthquake!!!

I never had this feeling before. I really like him! He pulled away, and we both had a huge smirk on our faces. Best Day Ever!!!

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