Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


8. Chapter 7

~Pinks POV.

'WAKE UP PINK!!!' Anne yelled in my ear. I jumped up.

'Anne you scared the shit out of me!!' I said and she laughed. I ran to my room and picked my outfit for today.

My outfit:

I walked downstairs, and Anne was still laughing, but didn't notice me.

'ANNE!!' I yelled in her ear, and this time she jumped.

Anne's outfit:

'Ready to go?' She asked, I nodded. We outside and there stood Niall waiting for us. inside the car was Liam, waiting.

'Pink, are you excited?' Niall asked, and I nodded. 'And you babe?' Anne nodded to. Wait a second, Babe?!?! WTF?! That is going fast?

'Wait a second you two, babe. I know that you guys are dating but.. that... fast?' I couldn't get more words out of my mouth, they blushed and nodded. I stepped in the car, and noticed what Liam was wearing, and laughed.(Niall drives, Anne in the passengers seat, and Liam and me behind) Liam looked at me lik -Are you crazy?- but soon he laughed too.

'Whats so funny?' Anne asked. Liam and I looked at eachother and laughed some more.

'Its just.... He and me.... A-are wearing the s-same.' I said between laughter. Soon Anne realised and laughed with us and I saw Niall smirking.

'Pink? Do you have everything packed?' Liam asked. I nodded. 'And... We have a little surprise for both of you.' Liam said pointing at me and Anne. We both squeeled. We are soo excited!!!

-Skip school- (sorry to lazy!)

'Okay, We are getting your stuff!' Niall said excited. I am sooo excited, what could be my surprise?!?! Grrr. now I hate surprises!

'Okay!!' Anne said. You can hear at her voice she is excited as I am! AAAA!! I just can't wait!!We arrived at my house and Anne and I jumped out of the car and started to get the boxes. And the boys just laughed. After 10 minutes we arrived at their house and it was HUGE!!! my mouth hing open.

OMFG!!! that is HUUGGEE!!!

'Wait until you see your surprises.' Liam said reading my face expression. I giggled a bit. Ugh... Why am I falling for this guy? because he sweet, caring, and he's pretty hot! All the boys helped with the boxes. the boys showed the lounge, dinner room, kitchen, game room, movie room, art room, indoor pool and the pooltable room.



Dinner room:

Game room:

Movie room:

Art room:

Indoor pool:

Pooltable room:

'Its time for your surprises!!' Said Louis and clapped in his hands like a mother.

'Okay!!' Anne and I said in unison.

'We decorate your rooms!' Harry shouted and his hand was on his mouth. Anne and I laughed.

'Sorry, he can't keep any secrets.' Liam said. 'I'll show Pink her room, and Niall show you her room?' And Niall nodded.

'And.. don't choke on each other's tongue.' I joked and they blushed. everyone laughed. I can be funny sometimes.

Liam opened a door and this is what I saw! My room!

'This isn't everything! Come with me.' He said and I obeyed him. he give me a chill room!

'You've been very strong in youre life, so here you can do what you want.' He said and I hugged him very tight, but he didn't care, he hugged me back.

He showed me another room, and this was tooo much! 'But, this is also for Anne.' he said.

We walked back to 'My room'.

'Pink, can I ask you something?' He said getting nervous, I nodded. not trusting my voice.

'Would you like to go out with m-me?' He said starting to blush. OMFG!!

'Yes!!' I said, and we hugged again, I felt save in his arms, and I wanted this to last forever.

~Anne's POV.

Niall opened a door, and said this is gonna be my room!

I hugged him very tight, 'This isn't everything, There is one more thing. Follow me.' he said and opened another door. AN INDOOR POOL!! 'But this is also for Pink.' he said and I nodded.

So awsome!! That the boys to this for us! I kissed Niall, on the lips. To show him 2 things



I am soo happy with him.

'Hey Anne, Do you wanna go out tonight?' He asked nervous.

'I'd love to!' OMG, I am going out with him, TONIGHT!! Best day EVER!!

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