Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


7. Chapter 6

~Pinks POV.

~Skip the rest of school~

'Bye boys.' Anne and I said.

'Bye Pink, bye Anne.' The all replied. Anne drove to my house.

'Come inside, Anne. You have a lot to explain!' I joked. and she nodded.

'Want to drink something?'

'Water.' She answered simply, I grabbed two glasses water.

'Spill it.' I said and sat down on the couch.

'Well, when I grabbed my pizza slice back he wispered, 'And I want to be your boyfriend.' And I wasn't suposed to hear that, but I did. And I blushed, he saw it and ran away. I ran after him, he said he liked me, and I liked him to, so I said that and he asked me out. but I don't know when, but I'm super excited!' She almost yelled.

'Well, congrats, I saw how you looked at him.' I said and she blushed. 'But tomorrow I'm moving to the boys, so can you help me packing?' I asked and she nodded. We walked to my room and I packed my clothes and she some other things.

'Do you still have this one?' She said and picked up my crown, I smiled and nodded. It was my 13 birthday crown.

'Yes, my aunt give me even this crown for my 15 birthday!' I said happy, at the thought.

'Woow.. Pink, your rich!' She joked, and we laughed.

'Yep, can you put them in... that box over there.' I said pointed at the box. she nodded.

After half an hour everything was packed.

'I better go.' Anne said, I nodded, and let her out.

'What am I doing, moving in with 5 boys!' I thought. I looked at my Phone and it was already 17:30 pm. I better get something to eat, I don't want to cook so I'm going to Nandos. I love it there! I walked to Nandos and saw many screaming girls there, WTF?!  I got a message:

To: Pinkie.

From: unknown.

Hi Pink,

Its Niall.

If you know what Nandos is, don't go there.

If you wanna know, we are there and a lot of screaming fans, and LiLi said he saw you.

Nialler x

Ps: I've got your number from Anne.

Okay that explains a lot. But I'm to hungry to go home now, So I'm gonna go to a coffee shop then. I ordered a coffee and a muffin. I sat in a corner, and saw Liam and Louis walking inside while signing some things. I laughed at their annoying faces. Louis probably heard me laughing and smiled at me, Liam Looked confused at his face and then saw me to and smiled too. I smiled back ofcoars. They walked over to me and sat down.

'Well hi there carrot sister.' Louis said,okay?

'Hi carrot brother and hi LiLi.' I said while laughing. Liam looked shocked.

'How?' he asked and I showed my phone, with Niall's message.

'He was right, I was going to Nandos to eat something. Normal I come there with Anne. We love that place!' I replied, and Louis laughed his ass off. LOL.

'Okay, Thanks Nialler! but what are you doing here?' he asked.

'Well, I was hungry so I came here, and ate a muffin.' I replied. 'What are you guys doing here?' I asked.

'Well... Niall ate our food.' Louis aid fake crying, and Liam and I laughed.

'I am excited!!' I shouted.

'For what?' Louis asked.


'Me tooo!!' Liam replied. and Louis looked confused.

'Then she is coming to ou place!' Liam said, and Louis was hyper! He was like

'OMG your right I totally forgot, OMG I'sooo excited right now!!' And I laughed my ass off, and soon LiLi joined me. Then my phone rang, it was Anne

P=Pink     A=Anne.

P= Hi Anne.

A=Pink, you- you gotta h-help me! *crying*

P= I am on my way!

A= Please be quick!

I hung up.

'I gotta go to Anne, Do you guys have a car?' I said almost rushing

'Follow us.' Louis said, and stood up, same with me and LiLi. Thank God there were no fans! I said the directions to her house, or what you can name it. I rang the doorbell, and Anne stood there crying with bags on her shoulders

'Come with us!' I said and walked back to the car, with Anne. Liam and Louis drove to my house. Louis grabbed her bags and walked inside, It was full of boxes but I didn't care.

'Louis and Liam, go and watch some tv, make yourself at home, I am gonna talk to Anne.' I said and they nodded their heads. We walked to my room, and sat down on the bed.

'Okay, Tell me.' I said calmly, she stopped crying and was calmer.

'Well, w-when I got home my mother yelled at me why I am late home, I told them I was at yours and she slapped me in the face, I walked to my room and saw my father drunk with two other friends of him. T-They raped me.' She said and cried again. all I could do is hug her.

'Stay here I am gonna get some water for you.' I replied and she nodded.

I walked down stairs and told the boys the story.

'Liam you can arrange that she can stay with you guys?' I said and he nodded and grabbed his phone. I grabbed a water bottle and walked back upstairs.

~Liam's POV.

I called the boys to say to buy some purple stuff. As surprise we buyed some things for Pink to create her room. Now we are gonna do the same for Anne.

H=Harry    L=Liam.

H= Hi LiLi

L= Haz you have to buy some purple stuff for Anne, and create a room to.

H= Uh.... Sure why?

L= I'll tell later.

H= Okay lad. bye

L= Bye.

Well. That is a lot to handle for Anne, But I hope she agree with the idea to live with us. I think it is pretty cute from Pink how worried she is for others, She is pretty cute... LIAM snap out of it.. She will just use you like all the others! O god, what do I need to do. You know what I don't care I am gonna ask her out!

~Anne's POV.

Pink came back with a water bottle and I was a little calmer.

'Anne, You are, like me, moving in with the boys. and I don't except a no!' She stated and I nodded, everything better than that house where I lived.

'And I told the boys what happened.' I nodded again, I didn't trust my voice.

'And you are gonna sleep here in my bed so good night.' I smiled and hugged her she hugged back and walked out of the room, I picked my pj's out of my bag and crawled under the covers. Soon I was asleep.

~Pinks POV.

'Boys you can sleep in the spare rooms or go to youre own house. Youre choice.' I said to them.

'We are going to our house, night Pink.' Louis and Liam said, and Liam kissed my cheeck and I blushed. What does that kiss mean, friends or more? With that thought I fell asleep on the couch.

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