Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


26. Chapter 23

~Pinks POV.

I turned around a corner and stood still, I saw the boys looking around for me.

'How can she be that fast? With heels?!' Harry yelled. I put my hand for my mouth, to stop my giggles, wich absolutely didn't work and Louis heard,

he slowly walked to the corner I stood. I looked around and saw a corrat on the table, I grabbed it and waited for Louis. He turned around the corner and opened his mouth to scream for the boys but I put the carrot in his mouth and ran away and saw that Louis stayed to eat his carrot.

I ran past Liam, Zayn and Harry and they noticed me running. and followed behind me.

'How can you run Pink? with heels?!' Harry yelled again. I laughed.

I ran to a room with all kinds of hair products and a huge mirror, I grabbed a brush and brushed my hair a bit, I saw the door opening and the boys walked in. Zayn looked around.

'I think I am in heaven.' He mumbled, wich made the boys look weird. I let my brush fall and slowly walk backwards, the boys looked at Zayn who looked at me and shrugged. He pointed at me while I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me and ran away.

I thought how I could Harry distract, but nothing came up. I ran and came to a corner, I turned that way, what was a big mistake of me. Liam stood there, and Harry close behind me.

Liam picked me up, and walked to the living room, while Harry got the others. Liam layed me on the couch, and started to tickle me. the boys helped him, and I bit my lip, hard. but couldn't hold it back and laughed, tears in my eyes.

'O-okay, I'll t-talk a-again.' I said between laughter, the boys stopped and stood up, and walked away, Niall back to the kitchen with Louis. Zayn back to the 'Hair' room, and Harry and Liam just walked a way.

I jumped on Liams back, and he gave me piggy back ride. I giggled.

'But sirious, Pink, how do you run with those heels.' Harry said, again. I jumped of Liams back, messed Harry's hair and ran again.

'Like this.' I said and ran away to my dad, who was reading a newspaper. Okay, just no.

'Dad, just read the new on your tablet, please.' I said and stopped running. My dad sighed and grabbed his tablet. I wanted to walk awaw, but Liam and Harry felt on me. Ouch, that hurts. They are heavy!

'Get of me, you fatty, heavy pigs!' I shouted. Liam pretended to be hurt, and stood up. but Harry just stayed where he was, and hugged me. he sleeps. Goddamn!

'Liam go get a pillow.' I wispered, he nodded, probably thinking to replace me for the pillow.

he came back with a pillow and gave it to me. I hold the pillow and begon to punch Harry with it. Liam laughed, Obvious thinking the wrong thing. I smashed Harry a couple times before he woke up again. jumping off me, blushing.

'Thank, god. I can breath again!' I said and hugged the air. Liam laughed. I am maybe 17, but I am still young! I walked to the kitchen and saw Niall eating a lot. Alessandro proud of his cooking, Niall just ate everything.

I grabbed his wrist and yanked him with me to Zayn, who was busy with studying his hair in the mirror, I grabbed his wrist too and yanked him to Liam and Harry. where was Louis?

I saw Louis and Beth walking to us, hand in hand. I looked at Beth, who nodded her head and blushed.

'Congrats, But Louis, break her heart, I will break that pretty face of yours!' I said giving them a hug. Louis blushed.

'Wouldn't do it for the world!' He replied and kissed Beth on the cheek. All the boys looked at us confused. I rolled my eyes.

'Boys don't understand anything.' I sighed, making Beth giggle.

'Its official boys. She is my girlfriend!' Louis said. the boys cheered for him.

'Speaking of girlfriends... ANNE!!!' Niall yelled and Anne came running in, with Saphire, Kayleigh and Jennifer behind her. Anne sighed in relief.

'Goddamn Niall, you scared me!' She said and punched his shoulder, making Niall smirk. Niall kissed her lips, making Zayn groan. Liam smirked and walked to me, and kissed me too. making Harry groan. I saw Louis and Beth also kissing making Harry and Zayn both groan and running away.

We all stopped kissing and laughed, only Beth and Louis blushed, they wispered something in eachothers ears and smiled, probably their first kiss.. cuteee........

Liam hold my hand and walked to the garden, wich I never saw, but was huge. you can give a party here... party?

hmmm, where did I hear that before, ow, yeah Flower Party.

I can ask dad if it can be here. It is huge. so why not? Liam turned around to face me and kissed me soft and gently, he put his hands on my waist and I put them on his shoulders, on my tippy-toes. He began to deepen the kiss, and our lips moved perfectly in sync.

I bit his lower lip, earning a moan from Liam, making me smirk through the kiss.

We both pulled away and breathed heavily, damn air. I smiled and walked with him to my dad.

'Dad, can we have that Flower Party in our garden?' I asked, waiting for a 'yes.' Like Always.

'No.' he said.

'Okay thanks..... wait what?' I said.

'I said no.' He replied again.


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