Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


23. Chapter 20

~Katelyns POV.

I woke up cuddled with Liam, I felt vad for the others that they don't know its me.. Except for Anne, Beth and Louis, only they know its me, but Louis not not the reason why.. I need to tell him sooner or later..

My eyes started to get dry, my contacts ofcoars I need to clean them... I rushed to the bathroom and removed my contacts. I washed my face and walked out of the room back to the movie room. Everyone was awake. They all looked at me weird and Liam shocked.. Wait a second!


My contacts, I forgot to put them in again... I looked down quickly.

'Lets play a game... Someone up for truth or dare?' Louis said and everyone sat down in a circle I still looked down, not the chance to put my contacts back in..

'I'll start.. Katelyn truth or dare?' Liam asked.. I panicked..

'Uhm.. Truth..' I replied unsure.

'Are you wearing pink contacts right now?' He asked, I looked up at him, shook my head and looked down.

'Uhm Beth truth or dare?' I asked looking at her and smirked.

'Truth.' She said and smirked back.

'Okay, are you and Louis a thing?' I asked and she was shocked. She looked at Louis who was blushing right now. She shook her head.

'Damn Louis! If your not making a move I am gonna do it!' I said, and laughed wich made Louis laugh too.

'Okay, Anne truth or dare?' Beth asked her.

'Uhm dare..' She said proudly on her answer.

'Okay I dare you to kiss Niall, with tongue.' She said and smirked. Anne shrugged and started to kiss Niall who was surprised she would do it. After 10 seconds she pulled away.

'How badly I want to go on, Its my turn.' She said to Niall. 'Zayn... Truth or dare?'

'Truth.' He replied.

'Are you seeing a girl when your out?' She asked and he blushed.

'Yes...' He said and blushed more. 'Her name is Kasia, and is very beautiful.'

'Someone isn't single anymore!' I shouted.

'Okay Harry, truth or dare?' He asked, changing the conversation.

'Dare.' He said and high-fived Anne.

'I dare you to walk in yout boxers outside for 5 minutes.' He said and Harry put off his shirt. Niall put his hand for Annes eyes, Louis did the same with Beth and surprisingly Liam did the same by me, and I am glad he did.

5 minutes later Harry came back and put his clothes back on.

'Okay, Liam truth or dare.' He asked him.

'Dare.' He said.

'Okay, I dare you to kiss Katelyn..' He said and smirked at me, Screw him, he knows that I am Pink.... I am soo getting him back.

Liam helped me up because I am not that tall.. He put hands on my waist and I did mine on his neck. He slowly leaned closer and soon his soft lips were on mine, gosh I missed his kisses, I started to tear up I pulled away and ran to my old room with tears on my cheecks. I am crying.

I locked the door and cried, everything was still there, my clothes, my belongings, my flower crowns, my birthday crowns.. My room.

I picked up my 15 birthday crown and put in on my head, then the 13 birthday crown. The pinks stones are matching the one with my necklace, I missed this soo much. I missed the boys and girls. The pranks and jokes.

The jokes when I met Courtney. Drawing on Louis face, steeling Harry's phones and Niall's food, taking Zayns mirrors and laying spoons by Liam... Liam.

'Gosh I miss my old life here, and those jokes, Harry's phones..' I say and laughed a little. 'The lovely date with Liam, Louis jokes, Nialls eating, same with Anne. I miss you guys really.'

'I wish I didn't care this much, but I do.. and I can't stop it. I just miss everything we did together, we had together.' I said again and cried it out. 'I wish I can be the old Pink again.'


I wish I was the same.

but it there was nothing I could do.

I miss the time we had together.

as long I was there.

With you.


I wish I was the old one.

the one I was in the past.

but I can't.

I am too scared to take a step further.

instead I am taking steps back.


I miss the things we had.

I miss the old me.

I miss the kisses we shared.

I miss the fun we had together.

I miss you..


I wish we were back together.

but you cheated on me.

what was a real misunderstanding.

you did it all for me.

wich I am great full for.


I wish I was strong again.

but you broke my heart.

wich made me weak.

and the only one who can heal it,

who can make me stronger.

Is you.


I miss the things we had.

I miss the old me.

I miss the kisses we shared.

I miss the fun we had together.

I miss you.. (x2)

I miss you... really you... and only you..


I sang, my new song, My new song called 'I miss..' (wroted by myself, its bad.)

I heard the door go open, but how?

'That was beautiful.' Liam stood in the doorway, smiling.

'I locked the door.' I said and he held up a key, I sighed.

'But how dare you to.. to bring back up Pink..' He said, he is soo dumb. I sighed, I walked past him.

'Zayn, can I use your dye-remover?' I asked down the stairs. He nodded and walked to his room, then give me his dye-remover.

'Can I use the bathroom for a shower?' I asked Zayn nodded, I walked to the bathroom and sighed.

I am gonna show the real me.


Pink Cowell...

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