Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


22. Chapter 19

~Liams POV.

There is something with Katelyn I don't get, and can't find it out...

Louis seemed to notice it but I really don't know.

I just miss Pink, I can't stand it to be with out her, and pretend to love Veronica... Why me?!

I just want Pink back, in my arms, I want to feel her touch, her kiss, her smile.. I miss her.

Veronica walked to our table and sat on my lap, I faked a smile and she kissed my cheeck. I looked over to Katelyn and she looked... jealous? I can't really see it. She looked away and started to play with a necklace that I can't see.

'Wow, thats a beautiful necklace Katelyn.' Veronica said, Katelyn looked at her and fake smiled.

'Thanks.' She said.

'Can I see it?' Veronica asked, Katelyn was thinking for a second but nodded, she did her necklace off, and gave it to Veronica....


That.... Necklace...

I know that from something....

But where....

Ugh... I just can't think because Pink is in my head all the time..

Wait... again...


I took a good look at the necklace and I was right, It was Pinks necklace...

'How did you get it?' I asked her. She looked shocked at my question.

'I-.... My dad gave it me...' She said unsure and looked down. Veronica gave it back and the boys looked at her, like a puzzle.

'Guys, I am sitting here, not there..' Veronica siad bitchie, I rolled my eyes. You know what, screw this, Pink is out of town. I pulled Veronica off my lap.

'WTF?' She said, I rolled my eyes again.

'You know what, screw this, we are over!' I said.

'Ow, so you want that Pink is gonna be hurt again?' She said evilly. Katelyn glared at her.

'So what, I never liked you, Pink is moved out of town, you can't do anything to her know. All because of you!' I screamed in her face, everyone was surprised, but Katelyn sighed... in relief? WTF?!

'So you still like that freak uh?' She said.

'No I don't like her, because I love her!' I yelled in her face she glared at me. Katelyn looked shocked.

'Your choice...' She said and walked away. Everyone still looked surprised.

'Let me get this straight guys. You broke up with a girl because she threatened you and her, she moved and you still love her?' Katelyn asked. I nodded.

'Thats is soo sweet, that you did that for her, but she is probably heartbroken...' She said..

'I know, last time I saw her she ran away...' I replied.

'Your wrong in that way, she is closer than you think..' She said and smiled, and I swear...

I swear I saw something pink in those blue eyes...

'What do you mean..' I asked and she just smiled. I wanted to ask something else, but Louis had to interrupt me.

'Did you write that song by your own?' Louis asked Katelyn.

'Yeah, I got a lot more! Wanna hear them?' She asked.

'After school, we have a music room..' Zayn said.

'Wait what?! You guys have a music room! And why didn't I know that?' Anne asked dramaticly. the boys laughed.

'Because!' Niall said and kissed her cheeck.

'Okay, can you guys drive me, I don't know where you live.' She asked and everyone nodded.

~Skip school~

We walked outside and saw a limo!!

'Wait here guys.' Katelyn said and walked to the limo, a guy stepped out and hugged her, she said something and he stepped in the limo and drove away.

Katelyn walked back and smiled.

'Who was that guy?' Harry asked.

'Oh, just my dad.' She replied and we walked to the cars and drove to our house.

~Skip car ride~

'Welcome to our home...' Zayn said and waited for her to gasp. she didn't.

'Nice home..' She said and smiled. 'But I live in bigger..'

'Oh yeah?' Niall said.

'Yes, I even got my own personal Italian chef.' She smirked he gasped and walked inside the house, everyone laughed and Anne high-fived her. We walked after Niall in the music room. There are different instruments and a record room. Anne gasped and fake cried.

'Why didn't you guys told me, I already love it!' She said and grabbed a guitar, and started to play a few notes.

'Okay, its a song I wrote while my boyfriend broke up with me, very dramaticly. Long story short, he cheated but did it for me because I was threathened.' Katelyn said and everyone nodded, that story looked like mine.

'Are you guys back together?' I asked, she shook her head. 'Why?'

'Because I found out today.' She replied. I nodded.

'Whats it called.' Harry asked.

'The One That Got Away.'

The One That Got Away- Katelyn/Pink. (real Katy Perry)

Summer after high school when we first met
We'd make out in your Mustang to Radiohead
And on my 18th Birthday
We got matching tattoos

Used to steal your parents' liquor
And climb to the roof
Talk about our future
Like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you

In another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away

I was June and you were my Johnny Cash
Never one without the other, we made a pact
Sometimes when I miss you
I put those records on (Whoa)

Someone said you had your tattoo removed
Saw you downtown singing the Blues
It's time to face the music
I'm no longer your muse

But in another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away
The o-o-o-o-o-one [x3]
The one that got away

All this money can't buy me a time machine (Nooooo)
Can't replace you with a million rings (Nooooo)
I should've told you what you meant to me (Whoa)
'Cause now I pay the price

In another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away
The o-o-o-o-o-one [x3]

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away.

'That was awesome!' Louis screamed. 'Do you have more songs?'

'Yeah I got a lot, here.' She handed us a journal.

You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift) Really Don't Care (Demi Lovato/ Cher Lloyd) Smile (Avril Lavigne) Best I Ever Had (Gavin Degraw) Made In The USA (Demi Lovato) Foolish Games (Jewel) Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne) Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri) Goodbye My Lover (James Blunt) Little Me (Little Mix) Ready or Not (Bridget Mendler) Skyscraper (Demi Lovato) A Thousand Years (Christina Perri) Titanium (David Guetta) Warrior (Demi Lovato) And many more songs.

'When did you get time for this?' Niall asked. she shrugged, all those songs are great!

'And who is your dad? he must be rich...' Zayn said.

'Yeah, you guys know my dad already...' She trailed off. everyone shrugged. I looked at the songs, many are about a boy... Probably her boyfriend, but it looks like me... What?

'Is there something Liam?' Katelyn asked me.

'Uhm, no I just miss Pink a bit.' I admit.

'Like I said before, she is closer than you think..' She said and smiled. 'But you don't need to hide your feeling or emotians, thats not good, you have to show what you feel.'

I nodded, and I swear I saw something pink in her eyes again, but my mind is probably playing tricks on me.

'Lets watch a movie, you can sleep for th night if you want.' Harry said, everyone nodded. Katelyn called her dad, to let him know and not worry.

'He said its okay.' She said and walked in the movie room. 'Wich movie?'

'The Notebook!' Harry yelled.

'Okay, rules for the movies are... 1) You have to cuddle with someone! 2)...... Uhm... Just look at rule number 1...' Louis said. I sighed.

'Okay, I cuddle with my sister, Zayn does the same, Louis with Beth, Niall with Anne and Liam with Katelyn.' Harry said, Katelyn and I sighed. we looked at eachother and smiled.

We cuddled with eachother and I felt a weird feeling, the feeling I have for Pink. I felt safe, but also warmth, sweet and love. I looked at her and she looked watch the movie, I looked at her hair and stroked it she giggled, cute. I stroked some hair and saw some pink hair behind the brown, I took a good look and I was right, it was pink. I'll ask later.


Sometimes, people wish to be someone else,

but you aren't, you are yourself,

and thats what matters.~Unknown


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