Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


21. Chapter 18

~Katelyns POV.

I woke up by my dad screaming my name that I need to go to school. Ugh school! I walked to my closet and search for a good first impression. See get it, first! no, okay...

A good style, I did my necklace behind my shirt. I put my contacts in and brushed my hair. and some mascara.

I looked good! I am not complaining, but its true! I asked my dad to drive me to school and he nodded and drove with me in the limo! Why? We were at school, and I stepped out and everyone looked at me. I smiled and walked inside to the headmaster.

'Are you sure you want this Pink?' She asked, I flinched at that name.

'Yes I am sure.' I said, she nodded and informed every teacher. I walked in my first class, math. I walked inside the classroom, and everyone looked at me again.

'Ah, there you are Pi-Katelyn.' She corrected herself, I sighed and nodded.

'You can sit next to Liam, Liam raise you hand.' She said, and it was like the rolls were different, like how he met me... I missed him more then everything, same with the others and girls.

'But miss what about Pink?' Liam asked, Miss Karen looked at me, not knowing what to do. I mouthed 'moved out.' She nodded.

'She moved to a different country.' She said to him and he nodded. I walked to my place and sat down, Liam stared at me the whole time.

'Is there something on my face?' I wispered to him, OMG my voice!

'No, you.. Did we met before?' He wispered. and thought, I had a shocked face. 'I know it again, by Nando's, right.' Phew. I nodded and payed attention in class again.

~Skip math~

I walked out of the classroom with Liam behind me. Next thing was a HUGE shocker! Veronica came to Liam and He pecked her cheeck, I was jealous. So it was her on the phone. I can't believe her.

'Hi babe, who is this girl?' She asked him.

'This is Katelyn, she is new here.' He answered. I smiled and she returned one, wow new!

'Hi I am Veronica, nice to meet you.' She said, I was shocked, am I dreaming or something?

'Same, can you show me around, I don't know the classes here.' I asked her and him.

'Sure, let me see youre schedule.' They asked and looked at the piece of paper.

'You have the same classes as me, so you can follow me if you want.' Liam said.

'Thanks thats very kind of you.' I said polite, I wanna shout at him that is was me but I can't.. Remember?

I followed him to music, and we were stil with the band, Liam introduced me to everyone, and they all stared at me, I just waved.

'Okay, can you sing?' Asked Zayn. For you guys yes.....

'A little bit, nothing much.' I replied and they nodded.

'Okay what about this song.' Niall said and handed me a paper. still the same song. same voice.. I sighed and nodded.

Demi lovato- Let it go.

The music started and I started to sing, the same voice as before. Then they know it, who cares! I mean, after one day I am sick of it!

The boys and Anne looked at eachother and then me, I looked at Anne. I gave her the 'I am sorry.' Look and she nodded. Liam just stared at me and I rolled my eyes at him, I just can't believe him. The music stopped.

'That was beautiful, Katelyn!' Louis said.

'Thanks.' I replied, I don't think they really believe it's me. I hope so, but also not.. Life is complicated!!

'Um.. Katelyn can I speak to you for a second?' Anne asked and I nodded, we walked away from the boys.

'Pink, why are you doing this?' She asked/wispered.

'I couldn't handle it, Liam.... He choose Veronica and I just ran. not knowing what to do. So here am I. But I miss you soo much.' I said tearing up. She hugged me tight.

'I miss you too, but do really want this to be a secret?' She asked.

'Yes... I hope the boys don't know about it, and doesn't see through it.' I sighed, she nodded and hugged me again.

'Can Beth know about it, she cries everytime we say your name. So do I..' She said, I nodded fast. I hated to let someone cry.

'Yes, later today, and can you believe it, Veronica was NICE to me..' I said and she looked shocked, I nodded. Her eyes were wide. but shrugged it off. We walked back to the boys.

'Soo, 'Katelyn' do you want to try a different song.' Harry asked, I glared at him, for my name expression. and nodded.

'I wrote it by myself, wanna try it?' I asked and they nodded, I gave them the music notes and rythym.

Heartbreak girl- Katelyn/Pink Cowell. (Reall from 5sos)

They did the music and I started to sing again, Liam looked up at me, It was a song I wrote for him, actually but I changed somethings.

He looked confused, and I smiled at him. He smiled back, a real one. I saw that when he was with Veronica it was a fake one. I am glad with that, but not with what he did.

After the song the boys looked surprised at how I made a song.

'Nice....' Zayn said and I nodded and mumbled a thanks. They nodded.

~Skip music~

Its luchtime, time for Beth.

'Katelyn and I are gonna talk to Beth.' Anne said to the boys, they nodded and walked away, I saw Beth walking to us and I waved. When she reached us. She said 'hi' I hugged her.

'Okay Beth, You have to keep a secret, for me..' I said and she nodded confused of how I know her name. 'I missed you, but I am Pink.' I said, she looked at me then at Anne, and she nodded.

She hugged me very tight!

'I missed you too, OMG this is all Liams fault. And now he is with HER, and shows no emotian at all, and completely forgot about you, and the boys!' She said very fast. I nodded.

'But you can't say it to anyone, okay?' I asked showing my pinky, she nodded and showed her pink and pinky promised me.

'But I am gonna show some Pink-actions, so they can find it out by there own.' I said and they nodded, we walked back to the boys. And I saw Lois eating some carrots, I grabbed one and ate it.

'What, I love carrots.' I said when they all looked at me. Louis looked at me, wide-eyed and I nodded. He then looked at Liam and then at me, I nodded, he understood it.

He grabbed his phone and send Pink a message, and I, ofcoars, recieved it, I grabbed my phone too and he looked really shocked.

To: Pink.

From: Loubear.

Is that you Pink, or Katelyn whatever, why?!?!

I sighed and send something back.

To: Loubear

From: Pink.

Yes I am sorry, Loubear, I'll explain it later, just don't tell the boys, yet.

He nodded at me and smiled. I miss these guys really but its for the best.


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