Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


19. Chapter 16

~Pinks POV.

Liam and I walked home, and he was very quiet. and didn't hold my hand like normally. Whats up with him?

Gosh I wish I know it. When we were home he walked straight to his room, I sighed. I followed him quiet.

'No, I didn't break up with her.' I heard him say.... What?! I earsdrop his conversation.

'Yes, I am gonna tell I don't love her.'

'Yes, then we can be together.' I cried silent.

'Okay, bye... love you too.' I cried now really hard, but still silent. He opened the door, and saw me crying. He had a shocked face. He gestured to me for a hug, and he walked to me.

'Don't you dare to touch me!' I spat at him. he looked hurt. 'We are over!!' I yelled and ran away, and I didn't plan on coming back again! I am sorry Anne, Courtney, Beth and the sisters. You have to do it without me.

I ran away and I heard the boys screaming for me, I cried even harder. but I can't hold it anymore with Liam! I thought he liked me, it was probably a lie! Everything.. A lie! A game!

When I thought I was far away I called dad.

(D=Simon/dad. P=Pink.)

D= hello?

P= Hi dad, um can you pick me up? I'll explain everything later...

D= Yeh sure hun. where are you?

P= Um I am here ****gives address****

D= okay be there in 5.

P= thanks dad, love you bye.

D= love you too.

~5 minutes later~

Dads car/limo came and I step in.

'Sorry, dad.' I said.

'Its fine hun, but whats wrong, did you cry?' he asked and I told him everything.

'He is gonna be dead.' He spat.

'No dad, but can I ask a favor?' I asked and he nodded. 'Can I be a singer?' I pouted, he thought for a while.

'I will ask in the meeting... but why?' He asked.

'I just wanna be one, and I am gonna disguise myself for the boys and a new name..' I said and he nodded.

'Okay, you can dye your hair brown, and wear contacts, and the name you can choose.' He stated and I nodded.

'Then from now on I am Katelyn Cowell.' I said and he smiled.

'Well, hello Katelyn Cowell, I am Simon Cowell your dad.' He joked.

'Can I move in with you?' I asked him.

'And here is my creditcard, you can buy as many clothes as you want.' He handed me his creditcard. I kissed his cheeck.

Well, here starts a new life,

For Katelyn Cowell.

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