Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


18. Chapter 15

~Anne's POV.

Niall and I walked to our class, until someone called Niall.

'Niall!! OMG I missed you soo much!' A girl yelled and hugged him, he smiled really big. That girl was really beautiful! ofcoars, he is gonna ditch me for her. I sighed and the girl noticed.

'Ow, sorry, I am Saphire Horan. his younger sister..' She said, and I felt a little better.

'I am Anne. Nice to meet you, I didn't know Niall had a sister.' I replied. She smiled.

'Ow and Saphire, Anne is my....' Niall was about to say girlfriend, but he remembered what happened.

'I am his girlfriend.' I said, and truth is. I really wanted it again.. he looked confused but recovered it with a smile.

'OMG, Niall why didn't you say so, she is really beautiful includes her hair!' She shouted.I blushed.

'Thanks, you are beautiful too.' I replied and we both giggled. Niall rolled his eyes.'Whats your next class?' I asked her.

'Science.' She said looking at her schedule.

'no way me too!' I said exciting. We hugged and Niall rolled his eyes. We both stood with our hands on our hips and glared at him. He put his hands up in defense.

'Niall, Kayleigh and Jennifer are here too!' She said with excitement.

'Who are they?' I asked.

'Kayleigh is Harry's sister and Jennifer is Zayns sister, both 16.' Niall said. I nodded and walked to Science, they both chatted about Ireland, and that kind of things.

It feels like I am a thirth weel. :'(

~Pinks POV.

I walked with Liam to art, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Beth followed us. Louis and Beth chatted about random things. Harry and Zayn talked about their sisters, Jennifer and Kayleigh I think.



Zayn and Harry turned arond and saw two girls, they both smiled from ear to ear.



They hugged eachother and everyone stood still, looking at a brother sister hugging. How cute?!

'Hi Louis, Hi Liam.'  They said in unison.

'Hi, I am Kayleigh and thats Jennifer.' She said and pointed to Jennifer, and she waved.

'Hi I am Pink. and thats Beth.' I said and did the same, we all giggled.

'You are so gorgeous with your eyes and hair, you too Beth!' They said. truth they are way more beautiful.

'You guys too!' Beth and I said unison, we hugged eachother and the boys frowned at us.

'Ey, don't Judge, we are girls!' I said and walked to Liam. He smiled and grabbed my hand again. Kayleigh and Jennifer looked at eachother and then at our hands.

'Forgot to say, He is my boyfriend!' I said and they hugged me again.

'Okay, lets go to class, we don't want to be late.' Louis said.

'Wow, first time I heard something adult from you Louis.' Beth joked. we all laughed.

We walked inside and I sat next to Beth and Kayleigh, Next to Kayleygh sat Jennifer. The boys groaned and walked to another table, we all giggled.

~Skip to the end of the day~

We walked outside and someone pulled at my hair, it was Veronica with a stupid smirk, She slapped me across my face and punched my stomach many times. Liam grabbed me in bridal style and ran away to the hospital.

last thing I remember before I blacked out I heard Veronica screaming my name.

~Liam's POV. (didn't see that coming)

She blacked out. Shit! I need to be fast to the hospital. After some more running I finaly was there.

'Nurse! my girlfriend blacked out!' I yelled and a doctor came and took her to a room, I have to wait, I called the boys and Anne to come. After that I was called by, I don't know.

(L=Liam         V=???)

L= Hello?

V= Hello babe.

Shit its Veronica...

L= cut the crap, I am not your babe, what do you want?

V= I want you! break up with that freak, or it will be worser then what I did a few minutes ago. Do what you want.

I groaned in frustration...

L= fine...

I said and hung up. Fuck me!

The docter came in and said she was fine, but need to take some rest. I could bring her home.

I walked to her room, and she hugged me.

'Thank you Liam.' She said, I felt guilty for her, but its for her.

I hope she'll understand it, and move on.

something I can't do, because I will love her,


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