Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


16. Chapter 14


Hi carrots,

Just to say, this chapter is for Irish Ice!

Hope you'll like it!! ;) xx


~Pinks POV.


I walked out of the bathroom and put a towel on my body, Liam did the same and we walked towards my room.

I opened my closet and grabbed some pj’s.

Liam walked to his room for his clothes, I walked to my bed and laid down on it, thinking of how lucky I am.

I have Liam, Anne and the rest of the boys…

I have my dad again, but….

Tomorrow is school again, what will Liam do, Is he going to show it or ignore me…

I cried at that thought, and then Liam walked in, and ran to me.

‘Are you okay? What happened? Pink whats wrong?’ He started to panick.

‘Are you gonna ignore me at school, I mean…’ I said with more tears.

‘No ofcoars not, I am only scared for that Veronica girl..’ He replied, and smiled. I hugged him.

‘Thank you..’ I hugged him very tight. ‘Lets sleep, school tomorrow..’

‘Night love..’ He said.

‘Night LiLi..’ I joked and he groaned, he hate that nickname.. but I love it..

~Next morning~

Beep Beep Beep

‘Siriously I am asking myself why I didn’t smash it yet.’ I groaned, and that made Liam laugh. I jumped out of bed and walked to my closet, I looked through my clothes and found a nice set.

‘If you had brown hair I would think your Louis’ twin.’ Liam said, I blushed and walked out of the room to make breakfast.

I made some eggs, bacon and saucages.

‘FOOOOD!!!’ I heard Anne and Niall screaming, they came running down stairs, in pj’s…

‘Okay, here.’ I saud and give them a plate with eggs, bacon and saucages. The rest of the boys came walking down stairs. Liam was right, Louis and I are twinning…… why?

‘Sirious, if I tomorrow twin with Harry I am gonna slap myself.’ I said and walked away. Everyone laughed, Niall laughed so hard he falled out of his chair, and that made us even laugh more.

‘What so funny.’ Liam asked and put a hand on my waist.

‘Well…. I am…. Twinning with… Louis…’ I said between laughter, ‘And I said if I tomorrow twin with Harry that I am gonna slap myself…’ I said after laughing. He nods, for me to go on.

‘So, we all laughed and Niall fell out of his chair.’ I finished and he smiled. He is sooo Cutybuty, OMG I am starting to get cheesy… Help!!

‘Well, hurry you guys, I wanna go to school..’ I said, and they all stood up.

‘Uhm Niall Anne? Maybe you guys need to change…?’ I said, they looked at eachother and then up and down. And ran upstairs. They soon came out with NORMAL clothes.

‘Okay lets go..’ I said and walked outside, everyone folowed me.

‘Pink, you have style, I must say..’ Louis said and we laughed. We had to use 2 cars. I sat with Anne, Niall and Liam..

Liam drove away and Anne and me sat behind, Then our song came up, and we love it so much, and sang with it. The song was called Forever Young. I dunno who are singing this.

‘Someone likes this song..’ Niall said and winked.

‘Yes, but we don’t know who sings this.’ I said and sang further, Liam and Niall looked at eachother and started to sing. I stopped and put my hand on Anne’s mouth. OMG, the guys are singing this song!

‘Su jou cujs cing thud sung?’ Anne said still with my hand on her mouth. Everyone looked confused, Anne removed my hand and said it again, ‘So you guys sing this song?’ And they nodded.

‘You guys are good!’ I stated.

‘You are good too, wait.. Do you guys wanna go to a concert of ours?’ Niall asked, Ane and I nodded heavily. They laughed, We were at school soon.

‘Its okay..’ Liam wispered and grabbed my hand and interwringed our fingers, I blushed. We walked inside and everyone looked at us, shocked. Then Veronica walked to us.

‘Liam, babe, what are you doing with this slut?’ She said and touched his abs, I was jealous, I just wanna slap her hard in the face.

‘First: don’t call me babe, only Pink can do that, Second: She isn’t a slut, you are. Thirth: …’ He said and slapped her hands away. She glared at me and walked away.

‘Watch your back!’ She spat at me.

 Liam kissed my hair and started to walk, since we have all classes together.

‘Thanks Liam..’ I said and kissed his cheeck. He smiled and nodded. Our first class is drama, and not to mention, Veronica is in that class. The drama queen.

‘Okay class we have a new kid in class, Her name is Beth.’ Mr. Mark, said. Beth was a ginger and bright green eyes, she looked nice in my eyes. But you never know. ‘Beth, you can sit next to Pink, Pink put your hand up.’ He said and I did what was said, she walked to me and Liam and sat next to me.

‘Hi, I am Beth, You are Pink right?’ She asked.

‘Thats me!’ I replied and she smiled.

‘You are really pretty, with your eyes and hair. Is it real?’ She asked and I nodded, ‘Beautiful.’

‘Thanks, You are pretty to, With your red hair and green eyes.’ I replied. She blushed.

‘Thanks, No-one ever said that, they just make fun of me.’ She said looking down,

‘I have the same, just ignore them.’ I said and she smiled really big.

‘So, can you call us friends?’ She asked nervous.

‘Best friends.’

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ She asked.

‘He sits next to me.’ I said pointing at Liam, He didn’t noticed.

‘He is hot.’ She replied and we giggled.

‘Ladies, Ladies.. Calm down, I know I am hot.’ Liam spoke out of no where. We both blushed and Liam smiled.

‘I am Liam by the way.’ He said to Beth.

‘I am Beth.’ She replied.

Ring Ring

‘Wich classes do you have now?’ I asked Beth. She showed her schedule.

‘We have the same classes!’ I said.

‘Yay, I have a friend in class.’ She said hugging me. We have PE.

~Skip PE~

We have a short break, yay. I am gonna introduce Beth to the boys and Anne.

We walked to their table and everyone said ‘Hi.’

‘Anne, Boys, This is Beth, she is new here. And if you aren’t nice to her, I am gonna beat your arse.’ I said to them all. Louis stared at her.

‘Hi Beth, I am Anne.’

‘I am Harry.’

‘I am Zayn.‘

‘I am Niall.’

‘I-I am L-Louisssss…’ Louis said and blushed, what the fuck?

 What was that…

 Wait, wait, wait….

 No I forgot…

 Oh wait I know it again…

 Maybe does Louis like her…

OMG they are gonna look cute together…

 I hope…

‘And if you wanna know…’ Liam begon.

‘You guys are One Direction.’ She finished. ‘I know you guys… I am a fan..’

‘Nice, someone who does know who we are…’ Zayn said and looked at us.. Anne and I looked down.

‘Don’t scream please my ears still hurt..’ Niall said.

‘I am trying, but I can’t keep any promises.’ She joked, She was funny.

‘But if you will excuse us, we have some talk to do… Alone.’ I said, Anne and Beth stood up.

‘Can I join.’ Harry asked.

‘Sure if you wanna hear talk about woman problems and boys..’ Anne said.

‘I think I pass.’ He said and we walked away.

‘And… Who is your favorite?’ I asked her.

‘Uhm… Louis…’ She said and looked down, blushing. Cute…

‘Bow chika wow wow…’ Anne said and laughed.

‘Good… But that you know it, Niall isn’t single.’ Anne said again. We laughed and walked back. Anne next to Niall, and Louis couldn’t stop blushing, Beth sat next to him. There was no place left!


I walked to Liam and sat down on his lap. And I blushed.

‘Look at you two guys, sooo cuutteee!’ Beth said and both of us giggled and blushed.

‘Thanks..’ We said in unison, I bet Louis and Beth will look cute to, but they need to take a step further.

And I am gonna help with that,

With very maybe Anne.

But I will do the most ;)

I hope,

Nah. Anne is gonna help me for sure….

Yayy… For Beth!!

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