Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


14. Chapter 13

~Anne's POV


After Liam and Pink ran away, I was confused.


'Whats going on?' I just asked.


'Liam, is probably jealous, because we get all the girls. And he never.' Harry explained and Niall had a stupid smirk, he looked at me and I give him a death glare, and he looked down. The others smirked to and Courtney and I give them all a death glare.


'We can't help we are to sexy, I mean, look at us.' Niall said, I have enough of him. I can't stand him. UGH!!.


'Niall, when you said you liked me did you mean it?' I asked, he nodded.


'And I have to believe that, I cannot believe you! I am soo happy we are over!' I yelled.


'You never broke up with me.' He said like its nothing.


'Well, for you Niall, we... are... over... and don't think about it that you can make up with me this time.' I yelled again and he looked sad, but recovered it with a smirk.


'And I am happy, that our time is up!' Courtney said and we walked away. I ran to my room and Courtney followed me. When the door closed I cried, all of my emotions were shaking.


'Sh.... its okay, I know you still like him.' Courtney said soft and hugged me.


'PDA!' We heard someone yell, Zayn. I didn't give much attention to that, so I kept crying.


'I just can't help my feelings, I just love Niall, but what he did is.... it just can't! And my feelings are only making it worse.' I said and more tears are coming.


knock knock


'Go the fuck away.' I yelled, still with tears, I hugged Courtney tight, and she hugged back.


knock knock knock knock


'Fucking hell, go away!' I yelled again.


'Anne its me..' Niall said and then I couldn't help it anymore, I opened the door, I bitch slapped him and smashed the door, I walked to my bed and cried again. I heard the door go open, Courtney is going away.


'Anne... please Anne don't cry...' Niall said, Why the fuck is he here?! Can't he just leve it be, I already told him that he can't make it up.


'I am soo sorry, I didn't mean all that stuff...' He begon but I interrupted him.


'What, all the love words, or the hate words?!' I yelled at him.


'The hate words, Anne I love you okay!....' He yelled back and I flinched.


'Then why?!'


'because I have to act it cool, Harry learned me that one-night stand. I didn't like it at all, but I was jealous of him, because he gets all the girls so I played like him!'


'If you act like that, you don't know what love is...' I said calmer. and turned away.


'I know, but I do know what love is.' He said and turned me around, he pushed me to a wall and made our bodies touching, first I looked away, but now I looked him in the eyes. His eyes had love but also guilt, those blue eyes.


I looked at him, and he at me, but then he leaned closer and I did the same. Soon our lips were touching and he smiled. He kissed me gently but with full of love. He does know what love is, but does he mean it? That is the only question I got. But that thought flew away when I feel my butterflies again.


'Do you trust me now?' He said when he pulled away.


'I don't know if you mean it.' I said and looked away.


'I feel butterflies in my belly everytime I touch you, I feel an electrice shock when I kiss you, I can't describe the words of how much I love you.' He said and I looked at him again, his eyes were sparkling.


'Never ever do that again, you scared the shit out of me, and Pink!' I said and he nodded, but for now I only wanted to kiss him. And thats what happened. I love him too.


'Niall, I love you too.' I said and smiled, he smiled really big and kissed me one more time, we both jumped on bed and cuddled, soon we fell asleep.


~Pinks POV.


I can't believe I am gonna shower with him, I feel the nerves and I blush uncontrable. Probably he sees it.


'You don't need to be nervous, I don't do anything. Okay?' He said and I nodded, I kissed him short.


Then I walked in the bathroom with him behind. I turned him my back and pulled off my clothes he did the same and I walked in the shower. And again I turned him my back, I just... I am insecure about my body, I never liked it, thats why I used to cut, you still see some scars and I wear bracelets because of that.


I looked at my wrist and saw still 6 scars. I sighed.


'Did you cut?' Liam asked and I stood there, shocked. I didn't dare to do something now.


He turned me around but I looked down, he stared at my body and some tears escaped my eyes.


'Whats wrong?' Liam asked again. I looked at him and he looked worried.


'I just don't like my body, thats why I have scars, Yes I used to cut, but I am stronger then that.' I replied with more tears. he hugged me, but I laughed, I could feel he has a boner. But I didn't look, ofcoars not! he blushed.


'Pink, you have a... Sexy body...' I blushed. 'You are beautiful, I couldn't get my eyes off you because you are so fucking beautiful!' He stated and I was red right now. He kissed me slowly but it begon to be heathed, because the shower was heath :P


He grabbed my bum, and I jumped and my legs are on his waist. He walked to the wall not breaking the kiss. His hands were still on my bum, and mine on his abs. He has a sixpack! Whoop whoop! Sorry... But he slowly begon to deepen the kiss, our lips moved in sync.


I love him really, but I don't think I am ready for sex.


'L-Liam, I am sorry, b-but I don't t-think I am ready f-for this..' I said soft.


'Its okay Pink, I am not ready ether.' He said and we both pulled away.

 ‘I really love you.’ I said under my breath.

‘I love you too.’ He wispered. He hugged me from behind, and he still had his boner. Okay why?? I laughed at it. I turned around not looking.

‘Why are you laughing?’ He smiled, I pointed down without looking, he looked down and blushed, I give him a short kiss, and walked out.

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