Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


13. Chapter 12

~Liams POV.

I ran out of house with tears in my eyes.

'LIAM!! STOP!!' Pink yelled but I didn't stop I only ran faster, I looked over my shoulder and saw her very close, she is fast.

'LIAM JUST STOP WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY?!' She yelled with tears in her eyes, I can't help it but slow down, I hate it when she is crying. She jumped on me and I fel, I fel on my back and she had each leg behind me and her head above me, I just wanna kiss her but I can't.

'Why did you ran away?' She asked worried, still with tears in her eyes.

'I was jealous okay. Niall always get the girls the same with Zayn, Harry and Louis. I get no-one, I love you and you hugged him, that broke my heart, I thought I would loose you.' I replied.

'Y-You love m-me?' She asked with more tears. I tried to get up, and ran away again. But I was pushed to the ground, and felt soft lips on mine. My eyes widened when I saw Pink kissing me. I closed my eyes and kissed back and put my hands on her waist.

I deepened the kiss and our lips moved in sync. We both pulled away and breath heavily.

'Liam, love is a strong word, but...' She begon.

'You don't have to say it back if you don't feel the same.' I said interrupting her.

'Let me finish you dummie.' She said giggling, I can't hear enough of that. 'I know it, I love you too.' I rolled over so I was above her. I kissed her again, and she didn't hestitate to kiss back, This girl is totally amazing, and I love her.

'btw, you are pretty fast.' I said when I pulled away, she smirked.

'You too, I didn't think I was gonna catch you.' She replied and stood up, she helped me up.

'Yeah, I just slowed down.' I said smirking.

'Are you sure?'

'Wanna challenge?'

'Okay, who first at home is is faster.'

'Thats a deal.' I still smirked.

'3...2...1... GO!' She said and sprinted away, I was behind her but she run faster and faster. She was far away from me now. I came 5 minutes later in the house, and Pink didn't stood there. I win! I walked inside and saw Pink sitting on the couch with a coke watching Toy Story.

'Finally you are here, why did it take soooo long?' She said joking.

'Sorry babe.' she flinched at the word 'babe'. Shit, she isn't my girlfriend ofcoars, better ask it before someone else it does.

'Uhm... Pink, do you wanna be my girl-...' I begon.

'YESSS!!!' She yelled and hugged me, I ask the girl I love and she said yes. She is mine and no-one else.

'Wanna game?' She asked.

'Sure wich game?' I replied.

'FIFA!' she squealed. A girl that likes FIFA?

'Love FIFA.' She corrected me, I said it out loud didn't I.

'Yes you did.' She said again and looked at me, my stomach turned around. she is soo lovely, so irresistible. We played the game and she won, how? She laughed on the ground. I tickeld her.

'N-No.. P-Please s-stop...' She said between laughter.

'Only for a kiss.' I said, and she nodded quickly, so I stopped and waited for the kiss, she slowly came closer, I closed my eyes and waited. Nothing. I opened my eyes and she was gone.

If you wanna play it like that, fine. I thought and smirked.

~Pinks POV.

Soon as he closed his eyes I ran away, to Anne's room.

'Anne you have to hide me for Liam. I will tell you later.' I said and she nodded. I walked to her closet and hide there.

'Hi, Anne is Pink here, maybe.' I heard Liam asking.

'Nope.' Anne said, I couldn't help it, I just laughed. The door opened by Liam and I ran past him, he didn't noticed. I just ran in the house, where the hell am I? Am I lost? AGAIN?!

'Ugh!!' I said, and then Liam ran to me and picked me up in bridal style. Why did I say that?

'I stiil get that kiss.' He said and I smirked. 'And this time you better not run away.' I sighed and nodded. He put me down and put his hands on my hips, something new. I put my hands in his neck and started to kiss him, and his tongue asked for entrance, wich I accepted.

I could feel the tornado again!

'PDA!' We heard someone yelling and it was Zayn with a smirk.

'Zayn I would walk away, or there is something gonna happen, understand?' I said and he ran away.

'Soo where were we?' Liam asked.

'I dunno where you are, but I am gonna shower.' I replied.

'Can I join you?' He asked with a smirk.

'Are you sirious?' I asked back.


'Then no..'

'I mean yes...' He said quick.

'Fine, do what you want.' I said sighing and walked towards the bathroom. Someone hugged me from behind and I know it was Liam.

'I think I am gonna join you.' He said with a smirk,

I sighed, what am I doing?

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