Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


12. Chapter 11

~Pinks POV.

We woke up by the boys screaming.

'Spooooons!!!!' Liam yelled as a girl.

'Where are my mirrors, I need to do my hair!!' Zayn yelled.

'Why itches my face?!' Louis yelled.

'Where are my phones?!' Harry yelled.

'Where the hell is all the food?!' Niall yelled, and by the time they all quit with yelling and screaming we laughed our asses off. There was a knock on the door.

'Pink are you there?' Liam yelled again. Pink put a finger on her lips to be quiet. He kept knocking. But the door is locked.

'Anne are you there too?!' Niall yelled, we all rolled our eyes and giggled.

'I heard giggling, there is someone there Liam!' Niall wispered.

'Yeah I know!' He wispered back, now we all laughed.

'We know you guys are there!' Niall yelled again. Courtney wanted to yell something back, I nodded.

'Yeah like you would care!!' She screamed back. Silence. We all laughed again and had tears in our eyes. I stood up and grabbed some chips for us all.

'I smell food!' Niall yelled after a while. We all laughed with food in our mouthes, this is FUN!!

'Where are they?!' Harry yelled. 'I need my phones!'

'Why is my face soo itchy?' Louis yelled, and we heard the boys laugh.

'I wish I could show you, but someone took my MIRRORS!!' Zayn yelled.

'Yep, thats right, we have your phones Harry, Your mirrors Zayn, Drawed on your face Louis, We laid spoons by you Liam and we have all the food in house!' I said and all the boys groaned, wich made us laugh.

'But I need my food!' Niall replied.

'Yesterday you said something different to me.' I said back. and he sighed. We won, I guess.

If you wanna know, before I said. 'Who do you think you are?!' He said I need Anne. so thats different. Right?

'Girls hide the phones and mirrors, I hide the food.' I wispered in their ears, they nodded. Courtney did the mirrors and Anne the phones. I hide the food in the closet, Courtney the mirrors under the couch and since Harry has 7 phones we all had 2 phones in our pants and I had 1 extra in my bra.

I unlocked the door and the boys looked shocked and stormed in the room. The girls and I shook our heads. The boys found nothing.

'Where is it?' They yelled.

'Who said we spoke the truth!' I yelled back and we all lied. All the boys groaned again and walked out of the room, Then a phone vibrate, the phone that was in my bra. The girls looked at me. I pulled the phone out my bra and tuned the sound off, the girl did the same because all the phones started to vibrate, the boys.

'Send a message!' Harry yelled to the boys.

'We did!' Zayn yelled back. 'Those girls are good!'

'No we are not giving up.' Louis said.

'I would do it, or Niall don't get any food, Zayn don't get his mirrors and Harry don't get his phones!' Anne yelled back to them. We all smirked, They were downstairs and we upstairs. They all looked back and Harry looked at me, shit he can see his phone.

'Pink!! give me my phones!' He yelled and we all laughed and ran back in the room and locked the door.

'Let me in!!' Harry yelled.

'Uhm... Let me think....' Courtney said.

'For me Pink?' Liam asked.

'How about..... NO!' I yelled back and we all laughed, today is our day! I grabbed Harry's phone out of my bra and looked at it, I unlocked it, simple. I looked at it and the girls looked with me. I found a message that said

Hazza, we should do that more often.

I hope you agree with me,

Bye babe. ;)

We looked at eachother and laughed. His one-nightstand is soo funny. We checked all the phones and found that kind of messages back. We laughed our asses off, again.

'Why are you guys laughing?' Louis asked.

'Ow, just, Harry's lovely messages!' We can't see his face, but he is probably red.

'Okay! you guys win! Give our stuff back!' Niall said and we nodded.

'Say promise, and that girls better are than boys!' Courtney replied. They all sighed but said it.

I unlocked the door and we gave Zayn his mirrors and Harry's phones back, I helped Louis with his face and Liam was still shocked with the spoons so I calmed him down.

'Where is my food!' Niall said. The girl and I looked at eachother and showed our stomachs and pointed at it. First they all laughed but then all had a worried face, ofcoars my stomach is purple, how beautiful! Note the sarcasm. I put down my shirt and sighed.

'Did.. Did I d-do that?' Niall said.

'No! ofcoars not, I did it by myself!' I said with sarcasm and walked away. The girls followed me to my room and we changed in normal clothes.

My outfit: And I curled my hair.

Anne's outfit: She straightened her hair

'Uhm.. Girls? I don't have anything to wear.' Courtney said.

'Yes, you do.' I said and looked in my closet. 'Here, this shirt, and these shorts.' I said and give them to her. she smiled and changed.

Courtney's outfit: And her natural waves.

'Wow, Pink you've got style!' She complimented me.

'Thanks! Come lets go downstairs!' I replied, and they nodded. We walked down the stairs and I felt someone hugging me. Liam.

'Hey, you look great!' He stated. 'So do you girls! but who are you and how do you have clothes with you.'

'I am Courtney, and these clothes are from Pink. I could borrow them she said.' She said.

'No, I didn't said you could borrow them, you can keep them!' I said.

'Are you sure?' She asked and I nodded, she huged me. 'Thanks!'

'Welcome.' I replied. I gave Liam a kiss on the cheeck and walked to the living room, Niall cried and smashed things, and the boys tried to comfort him. no use.

'NIALL!! STOP!!' I screamed, I grabbed his wrist and he looked at me, his face red, and his eyes red and puffy from crying.

'Why, you hate me, so does Anne and Courtney!' He screamed back. and cried again and tried to get out of my grip, but didn't help. I am pretty strong. 'Let me go!'

'No, we don't hate you, we are dissapointed thats something different! You have to apologise to the both of them!' I yelled again.

'What about you then?!' He yelled back.

'You already got an black eye from me, we are even. A sorry can be there but they deserve them more!' I said calmer to make him calmer, and it worked. He walked to the girls and apologise they hugged him. Zayn walked to me.

'How did you do that?' He wispered in my ear.

'Believe me, I've handeled this a lot in the past.' I replied and he nodded. Niall walked back to me.

'I am sorry, and thanks, Can I see your stomach again?' He asked. I nodded not wanna argue. I did my shirt a little up and he gasped and had tears, I did my back down and wiped the tears away with my thumb.

'It is okay. Nothing bad.' I cooed. I hugged him and then Liam walked in, he was angry and walked out.

I sighed, screw me! Why is he jealous?

I walked after him and yelled his name.

'LIAM!! STOP!!' I yelled and he ran out of house, and I ran after him.

Where is he going?



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