Pink is 17 years old. She has pink hair and deep pink eyes. She is bullied with it and her only friend is Anne , she has purple hair and bright blue eyes. They were born with it and people think there freaks, But there wrong! But when One Direction is moving and coming to there school the both think 'Oh, fuck. Not more!'
Are Pink and Anne right? Are they going to bully them? or not?


11. Chapter 10

Anne's POV.

Ugh, what is she doing here? How did she even come here?

'What do you want? and how did you even get here?' I asked her.

'I want you out of Niall's life, and the door was open!' She yelled at me. Gosh, such a baby.

'You and I want the same, girl.' I replied, her face softened.

'How do you mean?' She asked in a sweet voice. Ugh...

'Well, he cheated on me, so yeah.' At her face you can see that she feels guilty.

'Oh, I am sorry. btw, I am Courtney.' She said in a sad voice.

'Its okay, and I am Anne, just a question, how do you know Niall?' I asked.

'Management, they set us together and I got feelings for him, then the time was up, but I didn't believe him when he broke up with me. I am sorry for you. I am so soo sorry, I made you break up don't you?' Okay, she si really nice actually.

'Don't worry about it, I saw a different side of him. He punched my best friend in her stomach. so that is different.' I replied

'OMG, this is all my fault...' She begon.

'No it isn't, It is Niall's fault.' I said and then Pink walked in the room.

'Anne can you please shut up, I am trying to sleep.. Ow sorry, I am Pink.' She said when she saw Courtney and we laughed.

'Sorry, I am Courtney. You have cool hair, and beautiful eyes Pink, you too Anne.' She replied.

'Thanks.' We said in unison, and we all giggled.

'Uhm... Sorry to ask but who is punched in the stomach?' Courtney asked.

'Me..' Pink said.

'OMG, I am soo sorry, can you show how bad it is?' She asked again and she showed, Courtney gasped.

'It hurts a little but it is okay, I punched Niall back so we are even I guess.' Pink said again. Courney nodded.

'I got an IDEA!!! Lets have a sleepover in my chillroom!' Pink said happy, I nodded but Courtney looked unsure.

'We aren't going to kill you or something.' I joked and she smiled.

'Okay, but I have no sleepclothes.' She said.

'Thats okay, you can borrow some of me.' Pink said, and we all nodded. She showed her chillroom and she picked some matrasses, she grabbed soem pj's and Courtney changed in the bathroom. Pink and I grabbed some things we can do.

'You look cutee!' Pink said when Courtney came back. She blushed.

'Thanks.' She replied.

'Okay, I have a feeling everybody sleeps, so I am gonna prank the boys, you guys with me?' We all smiled evilly and nodded.

For Zayn, we are gonna mess his hair, and take all his mirrors. For Harry we pick all his phones because he is obsessed with phones, LOL. For Liam, we have a lot of spoons. For Louis we drawed all over his face. And for Niall we stole all the food in house and put them in the chillroom of  Pink, because there is a fridge.

We are now watching in the movieroom. The movie is called Dear John.

When the movie ends we all cried. it was soo sad!

'Okay, I have a feeling we are bestest friends forever!!' Courtney shouted and we all jumped in agreement.

'But tell me Anne, what happenend on your date?' Pink asked.

'Well, he took me out on a dinner, and had a speech for how sorry he was with that bullying, then he asked to be his girlfriend and I said yes, then he kissed me. And Courtney here, Was apperently his ex. Then she yelled at me and said that Niall was her boyfriend, then I ran home. End of story.' I said with watered eyes. and Courtney has too.

'I am still sorry, I didn't know and... and...' She begon.

'Exactly you didn't know, so don't feel sorry. It isn't your fault all this happened. Did you punch me?' Pink said.

'No, Niall did that, didn't he?'

'Niall did that, and now he has his right. No girlfriend.' She stated. We all nodded and hugged.

'You know, you guys are the best, and only friends I have. Most people used me. Because of Niall.' Courtney said.

'We live with them, so we won't use you. You are a nice girl, and we love you!' I said and Pink nodded in agreement.

'Thank you soo much, but I am a little tires, so can we sleep?' She asked and yawned.

'Yeah we are tired to.' Pink said and we all yawned and giggled.

'Night, girls.' We all said.


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