Sled Dog

'I have always wanted to race with my team. They mean everything to me. I Love them so much but here is the thing. One Direction comes to my hometown to watch the race and met everyone. I have no clue who they are. I dont want nothing to do with them. I Love what I do. I dont want anything or anyone to ruin it.'
What happens when One Direction comes and tries to be friends with her but she is scared and worried..........


1. Metting The Team

Meeting The Team:

Ashton Lee Brooks

Hey guys, Yup that is me. My Name is Ashton. I have green eyes, brown hair. I live with my adopted parents. When I was born my parents gave me up. They didn't want anything to do with me so they gave me up. 

We live in fairbanks, Alaska. A lot of people live here but it is a very nice place to be. I love it here.

I am 17 years old.

My birthday is August 29th.

I love dog sledding. I only have 13 dogs. Im trying to work out a way I can buy another dog so it is fourteen. It is hard for just one dog to lead a pack of 12 dogs so Im trying to make it even and easier for my dogs.

This is my team. They are just puppies for now. They are not grown-up yet cause we just got them about a week ago. But this is who they are:

From left to Right:

1:Girl: Sparky   2:Girl: Bear   3:Boy: Storm   4:Boy: Shadow  5:Girl: Misty

Same thing Left to Right:

1:Girl: Nala   2:Boy: Simba   3:Boy: Max  4:Boy: Pepper  5:Boy: Coco


Okay. From the one stand up the to the one laying down. These two are twins.

1:The one Standing up:Boy: Prince   2:The one Laying down:Girl: Princess 

This is my little baby. 

1:Girl: Leah


That is my whole team. 13 of them. All I need is one more pup and I have a full team.....

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