You saved me

This is a story about a girl who gets kidnapped by a horrible teacher but finds a boy who saves her from him...


2. bad things are happening

Today is Tuesday and that means maths. Me and bea were so worried about what he would do even though all he did was stroke Beas hand. We made sure that we were both at the back of the que so me don couldn't see us and neither could we. We legged it into the room bashing each other trying to get to the seats as mr don handed mine and Beas book. Bea decided to open her book with her ruler which I thought was quite funny so I laughed and she said to me "what?" I said nothing and started my work. We were doing reflections and we were both really stuck so I told bea to go ask mr don to help us and we finally decided to go together and before we could even ask for his help he randomly yanked us both outside and stuffed us in the car.

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