How To Save A Life

"I've witnessed death weave it's way into my life." Amelie Elwood is living through her life, unlike a regular kid, since someone is haunting her every step, her every move, her every approach in life. Amelie is aware of the events and occurrences that will happen to her but uncovering secrets and information is what she really needs! But when her mum suggests she goes to a certain camp, her whole world relies on the people she meets and become attached to. Will she unlock the mystery before her spook is ready for the death date?


9. Chapter 6



It was on thing to get told off-which I minded before-about my "depression", also known as my Spook, Maurelle, but it was another to send your only daughter away to a place filled with lots of other depressed people! I had argued back, protested against the horrific idea, but when Mum made a commitment, she often kept it. My mum had always tried hard to get me through this but she didn't know what was actually going on. Being the hard worker she was, Dad never thought of ideas to help me throughout my fate which was good because going away to camp almost made me faint. My life's completed and last chapter was almost here and it was going to finish at a stupid old camp. Depression camp, to be precise. I didn't think they had places for that or if parents would actually send their kid off to it. Yes, parents shouldn't force their kids to go to places they don't want to go to but after a while, I thought that Mum would only be happy if I was. I had to go for her. I would just have to protest as much as I did with my parents to Maurelle to increase my life spam by just a little bit. I didn't want to die in a depression camp. Out of all the camps, it had to be depression!

After I ate and kind of left over my dinner-which was take out and I didn't exceptionally like-I got ready for "bed" which was actually lying in bed, reading any book that I was so tempted to finish reading. The Fault In Our Stars by the Amazing John Green with a capital A for Amazing, stunned me. It was so true. Unlike any other book I ever read, it was truthful. What real life really was. However, I had already finished the book in our reading lesson at school and the spare time I had, which was also time on the LOUD bus! Luckily, I had already taken out another book from the library, Every Day by the Fantastic David Levithan  with a capital F for Fantastic.

Reading that book also stunned me. I felt like me and A-the main character-were similar. We both had a secret, a difference that made us VERY unique from the crowd-not exceptionally in a good way. Something that could terrify someone for life.

 "Goodbye, young one. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" I flashed out of the story plot and into the real world. Maurelle had spoken which interrupted me.

"What? But it's not even mid-" I turned my head to the digital purple clock, sitting on top of my oak desk. It showed 12:00. Midnight. Once I finished acknowledging the time and how long I had stayed up, reading, I looked up at Maurelle but she was already gone. I had quite a few hours until she would come back. Quite a few hours to myself, privately.

This was one of the times that I could actually figure out things, research information or even do homework without a Spook bombarding your sight. But I had more things to worry about than homework-education wasn't any use if I was going a couple of days or, hopefully, weeks. Researching would help me a lot more and if Maurelle wasn't here; then I could do it safely.

Thinking outside the box was vital in a situation like this. Family traits was a major key to everything. But who? Someone must have, also, been haunted by a Spook too. Who had died in the past that I was possibly close to? I was pretty close with my grandma. Ok! Really close! I remember when she used to take me to the sweet shop when I was little-before Maurelle-when she was babysitting me and we would always get popping candy and listen to the popping and laugh. At that time, she must have had a Spook bugging her, like Maurelle is doing to me. It explains so much; she used to talk to herself in the tiny box room we used for guest, but it was really a Spook. Everyone claims she committed suicide but why would she, a person with an extraordinary life and amazing family and friends, want to die? Despite the fact she had a Spook, if it is true.

I leant over to the desk, beside my bed, snatching my phone off it as it almost fell onto the carpeted floor. One text; from Talissa.

I read it, the screen blurring my eyes.

Sorry for getting mad at you! Hope you don't feel offended or anything! Got to tell you something tomorrow ;) Night! xxx

Whatever she had to tell me couldn't possibly be as bad at matters were for me. I kept looking at the text. Sometimes I did get offended, but by how everyone I know actually has a perfect life. Why can't they accept it?!

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