How To Save A Life

"I've witnessed death weave it's way into my life." Amelie Elwood is living through her life, unlike a regular kid, since someone is haunting her every step, her every move, her every approach in life. Amelie is aware of the events and occurrences that will happen to her but uncovering secrets and information is what she really needs! But when her mum suggests she goes to a certain camp, her whole world relies on the people she meets and become attached to. Will she unlock the mystery before her spook is ready for the death date?


5. Chapter 2

Once Maurelle's appearance is shown and has entered this day, her presence petrifies me, like it always has. Everything she does will effect my entire day; it always has. I am thought of as a weirdo and a freak. Staring into spaces of darkness, when I am really staring at the deformed figure in front of me, sets people off into a teasing mood. Talissa doesn't know and I'm hoping she never will or this shadow covering the light inside of me will suck her in like the black hole.


A stampede of loud, crazy kids push me like a populated line for a Micheal Jackson concert. Since most of the kids are in the same form as me and Talissa is along side with me, I don't hesitate to follow where they are pushing me to. However, according to my timetable, we're walking to English and because it is a Wednesday, it is a reading lesson, which we have weekly. Surprisingly organized, my book is held in my large blazer pocket, comfortably. It's The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, one of my favourite books. Once Talissa and I are released from the rough crowd of constant shoving, we walk, slower, to our next lesson. We have approximately five minutes to arrive so I wouldn't worry. Maurelle drifts in the air beside me and I feel like every flower we pass dies and cripples into a weed of grey-maybe I can only see it.

"So what's up?" Talissa says and even if most friends say that in meaning of, what you up to, I can't help but think that Talissa is trying to ask what is actually going on in my life and is begging me to spill the worries.

"Nothing, you?" I ask, expressionless.

"Look, Amelie. I know you're a bit-" Talissa pauses, searching for the right word to use. "A bit...down lately with the sense of depression, I suppose, but I think it would help for you to tell me what's going on."

"Talissa! I told, you nothing is going on. I am fine." And it's true, nothing is going on because to me this a normal life; to wait for Maurelle's entrance, to watch her stalk me all day and whisper things I don't want to here. I've been like this since I was ten and at the time I had thought I had created an imaginary friend from my nightmares. Although, I had thought it was a little too late for imaginary friends and due to the lucky fact that I was a brave kid, I gathered the courage to ask her, firmly, what was happening to me. That's when she explained things.

"I don't believe you." Talissa stammers, impatient for my worries.

"Some friend." Maurelle drifts, quickly, past me, circling back to travel next to me, again. I turn my head, blankly, looking at my ghost. I open my mouth to reply to Maurelle's comment and suddenly remember that Talissa is still here.

"What are you looking at?" Talissa asks, but before I can reply, she begins speaking again. "You know that Colin likes you?" Talissa adds, trying to get a glimpse of my facial expression. I remain as blank as I can be because facial expressions always reveal too much, especially when you're around people like Talissa-clever, wise, understanding-and it often makes me jealous because me, being bombarded with this stupid, scary corpse, which I occasionally forget about and become startled when in sight of her, has nothing convenient and it's someone who already has a perfect life who gets all the useful features. She has everything, nobility, generosity and nothing interrupting her days in life. Ranting won't help, though, it's not like Maurelle will leave until the minute of my end arrives and the minute of my life departs. I resume to my best friend's comment and answer, quickly, not trying to make it obvious that I was thinking about it.

"Okay." I respond, sounding even more depressed that my last responses.

"Aren't you going to ask anything. Amelie! Stop being sad, it's hard to watch."

"Fine, I'll ask something...where did you find that out?"

"Mae and Polly..." Talissa trails off as I begin to show a bit for emotion. A flush of anger runs through my veins and I feel like punching those Barbie dolls in the face.

"Talissa! You just got information off them. It's gossip and probably a dumb rumour." I sigh, weak to get mad and furious with my best friend who only heard it and never rumoured it. But all I know is that those she-devils are getting a piece of my mind.

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