How To Save A Life

"I've witnessed death weave it's way into my life." Amelie Elwood is living through her life, unlike a regular kid, since someone is haunting her every step, her every move, her every approach in life. Amelie is aware of the events and occurrences that will happen to her but uncovering secrets and information is what she really needs! But when her mum suggests she goes to a certain camp, her whole world relies on the people she meets and become attached to. Will she unlock the mystery before her spook is ready for the death date?


4. Chapter 1

The dreadful weather of London approached, tempting me to stay home but there was one thing stopping that thought. Her being there to evade my nerves and even if she would be around when I was in school, I had the public for comfort and a watch out. As I neatly pressed down my skirt and swung my Aztec school bag around my shoulders, Mum yelled with what seemed like great effort, "Amelie, you're going to be late, let's go!" I took one last look in the full length mirror, balanced in my parent's room's wall to check if I looked alright. My brown hair hung, slightly curly and wavy which matched my chocolate brown eyes that was once full of cheer and now full of dread and often tears. Mum unpacked her work stuff out of my seat in the car and I slumped in, depressed about everything, about how I couldn't tell Mum what was going on and how I only had very little time left, maybe even minutes. She hopped into the car, after me, and started the engine, turning up the radio channel. We drove off and for once, I felt like I was chasing away from my worries and her. Her, if you were wondering, is Maurelle, at least that was what her name used to be. She's the haunting chaos that has been worrying and troubling me. She is "my" ghost.


Twenty minutes pass by, like the train which waits for my day, and I stumble out the car, dragging my bag out too and slamming the car door shut without a goodbye for Mum. Ignoring everyone in my surroundings, I walk up to the entrance of the building, on school grounds, with my form room in. Walking through the already busy hallway, I analyse the eyes, staring at me. I notice the group of girls-fan girls-who are totally crazed about the books from the big six, with Katniss' signature plait and tattoos like Tris', which are fake but they still aren't allowed, and merchandise, that they probably purchased off the internet, stuffed in their bags like Hermione's wand from The Noble Collection, and more from the heroines of the big six books. I have to admit, I was one of them, and yes, with the plait, tattoos and wands but that was a long time ago before I knew what would happen to me. After passing the fan girls, I reach even more obsessed ones, the One Direction fans which I despise. But their fandoms comfort them, almost protect them and make their lives worth loving. I don't have much of that anymore. What do I have left to comfort myself with?

The bell rings, continuously until the end of ten seconds, and I have already taken out my books for the day and heading for my form room. When I get to the room with very little people sitting inside, Miss Galina, my form tutor, smiles as to greet me and I try to smile back but I can't from the heap of stress and depression that is constantly building up inside of me. However, I spot Talissa Sweet, my best friend and I love her last name. She waves at me as her milky coffee skin gleams in the sunlight along with her long, dark ringlets and I do have enough strength to wave back and even smile but not as natural as her dimpled, sweet smile. As I stroll over to where I have to sit, I listen to the happy chatters and loud conversations around me. Miss Galina doesn't mind since she waits for all the class to arrive before silence for the register. I seat myself, in my seat and just stare into the distance. In the corner of my eyes, I can see Talissa, watching me, carefully, like I can see a ghost. But I can, although she isn't here...yet. I stare, blankly, at the grey wall and I feel my glasses, which are propped at the top of my nose and slowly slipping down, shake as I tremble. My name is called from a familiar voice, Talissa, and I, being her best friend, know she is very smart and wise and she suspects something. A small grey spot on the wall which I am staring at begins to expand, then it larges, rapidly. A few millipedes and moths zoom out the grey spot and I know it's my imagination or everyone else can't see it. But it could just be the work of ghosts because no one in this room can see ghosts and if the bugs so happen to be ghosts, only I can see them, and the grey patch broadening. Then I know. Maurelle is here.

The figure of a bony, disgusting lady steps out and even if I know I have the company of everyone around me, I feel alone but that's exactly what she wants. She feeds of my fear and the emotion conjuring inside of me, which could be isolation. Stepping closer and closer to me, she spreads a shadow of empathy across the room, that her and I can only see. Always emphasizing me, Maurelle has locked her true self inside her gruesome personality, which causes her to often feel mercy for me but every day she gains a token of power from my fear so the feeling of being sorry, slowly, drifts away. I know, and think all the time that if I was just strong enough, her horrific side would collapse and she would become just a spirit of an angelic person but it's hard. Hard to break through the thick wall of fear, surrounding me and blocking me. Once she has brought herself right in front of my eyes, she breathes, deeply, and her breath bounces against my face as I scrunch my face up with disgust. She is my ghost until the end. Now that I know she is here, I also know she will stay for the rest of the day until midnight, then she'll float away, fading from my sight. But what if I don't see her at midnight, what if it happens before I reach my house? Then it would be over. Then I would be dead.

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