Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


24. Wine



Chapter 24: Wine



Day 1 of my plan. Ive left Lilly with my mum for the week. And invited tanya over for tea to say thanks for all she's done. In fact she has been lovely, but Harry loves her, so I have to use her I have no choice. And she to was inside the car that killed my lovely perfect Liam. I'm kind of nervous as today I meet with a drug dealer for some supply. Ive never done this sort of thing, and never thought I would. But for Liam, I would do anything. I mean anything. All I have to do is walk past the shops in town and pretend to meet with an old friend, who will were a multi colours beanie with a blue jacket and big glasses, easy. Its just gone 12 and I have 15 minutes to get there. It doesn't take me long. I sit waiting in my car. Not sure if I'm wearing the correct cloths or if I should have worn something more casual. I then realise I shouldn't sit waiting, it'd look really weird if I just got out and said hi then left. So I head into tesco's and buy 2 bottles of wine for tonight. When I'm out I'm just in time for the guy. I quickly grab my money, discreetly, and say hi, putting the money down the back of his shirt so no one saw, he puts his hand behind my coat placing it in my back pocket, and we pretend do chat before going our separate ways. All in all I think I did pretty well. I then hang in town getting other bits and peaces and then return home to tidy the flat, I've been living in a mess since Liam. But I need to convince them I'm feeling okay. And that I'm over Liam. Everything's in place. I take the first bottle of wine and put the coke into it. But I keep one clean for me. As I know how addicted Tanya is, she's only just broke it and if Harry gets even a sniff that she's done coke, there over. Even though Tanya has done coke for ages, she's never gotten better at covering it up, which is a bonus for me. I then cook our dinner and lay the table. But I begin to have different thoughts that is until I see a pile of magazines and newspapers with the headlines being about how Harry got a way with it. This makes my blood boil, just in time, as Tanya's here. When she gets inside I poor her a glass of wine. 

"Thank you for coming" I say politely, 

"My pleasure, thanks for inviting me" she takes several more sips of wine.

"Its my way of saying thank you for everything you've done for me these last couple of months, after all we didn't get of on the right hand, but thats all behind us" 

We go onto chat about further things, but just before dinner Tanya finnsihs the bottle of wine, me practically forcing it down her throat, and passes out. Whilst she's asleep, I go through her phone and take out a pay as you go phone (which I bought today) and send loads of text messages acting as though she's cheating on Harry with the person who's supplying her drugs. I then hide the phone in one of the sofas cushions, and place the remaining drugs into Tanyas coat pocket. I then call harry. 

"Hello" Harry says at the other end of the line, 

"Hello, Harry" I begin fake crying, "I just nipped to the loo and when I came back she was just laying there, I don't know what to do" 

"Whoo wait slow down? who?" 

"Tanya, she's passed out what do I do?" 

"Is she breathing" I can hear him getting his shoes and jacket on,

"Not very well" 

"Call an ambulance I'll meet you at the hospital" 

When we arrive at the hospital Harrys already there, we both have to wait out in the waiting are, I pass Harry her jacket making sure the coke falls out. 

"Whats that" he asks,

I pick it up, "I thought she quit that ages ago" 

"What did she seem like when got to yours?" Harry asks, 

"Like the first time I saw her, at the baby shower, isn't that what she's usually like?" 

"She was absolutely stoned then, what am I going to do?" he says,

"I don't know" 

We sit there for a while. I begin looking at him the way I first looked at him, when we fell in love. I saw it in his eyes, it wasn't fake, like mine, but genuine. Ive begun getting him back. So this time I can hurt him more then ever before.

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