Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


14. The Shirt, The Key And The Girl



Chapter 14; The Shirt



______________________________________________________________________________________They all look really pleased and I can see all the presents they've bought, and it makes me smilie I head upstairs to get changed. When Im in mine and Harrys walk in wardrobe I notice a blood stained white top lying in the corner, clearly meant to be hidden. Automatically I take a look at it. When I can see it properly, I notice its Harrys. Which means it must be Harrys blood.

I'm taken back. I don't know what to do. Everything's just so strange. First the phone calls, then the monte and now the blood. The first thing I do is put the shirt back and get into my starchy dress. Then I head down stairs, at the moment all I can do is put on a smile and act like every things ok. Even though it's not. In fact its far from perfect; I'm having an affair, I don't know who my child's father is, and my husbands up to something stupid and to top it all of I can't have any alcohol! Great! 

After and hour or so we begin to open presents. I wish people could be more inventive when it comes to giving presents. I've opened 3 boxes of nappy's. But then Liam gives me and Harry a special present each. Harry gets a microphone baby monitor, and I got a  bracelet with charms and a note thats secretly hid in the side with writing  'take out the bit that olds the bracket' as i do this notice a silver glistening through the cardboard.  I open it even more and pick out the key that spells out 'for our time out' which is what we call our little affair. I quickly hide it but later in private myself and Liam chat.

"Thank you for the key and bracelet" I say gratefully, 

"Your more then welcome the address is on the back of the note, this way we can sneak about in our own place, just you and me no one to see us, that includes the press we don't want them getting hold on this sort of information they'd have a field day" 

"Babe can you come over here for a second" Harry interrupts, pulling me into the middle of the crowd, so he can make a famous speech.

"Well theres not really much to say other than thank you all for being here and off course your presents. I now have enough nappies to fill a nappy store. You don't know just how real it feels looking around home seeing baby things EVERYWHERE. I feel absolutely blessed and honoured to have my beautiful wife" Harry gestures towards me "and to know we have our baby girl on the way, and to be able to look towards the future. There's nothing else to say really, so could you all raise your glasses and make a toast to the future" Harry holds his glass up,

We all hold our glasses up and repeat "To the future!"

Then a girl who looks like she hasn't slept in weeks, or had a wash, she brings a peculiar smell with her, and is covered in bruises from top to bottom. She stares straight at Harry and picks up a glass and raises it in the air and asks Harry "What about the past?"  



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