Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


17. The Scare



 Chapter 17: The Scare




We continue to talk, whilst eating the meal that Liam cooked. Shockingly it's good. He even made the gravy himself. Part of me thinks it was a microwave meal, as it's so good. He looks really pleased with himself, not just because he managed to cook a proper meal, but because he's managed to buy this flat and... and... because of me. I don't want to sound big headed. But... it almost makes me remember I can't, we can't go on like this forever. Its not fair on him, or Harry. Harry. Ive tried to get him out of my mind, so I can enjoy myself. But he's just stuck their. He's almost as annoying as Tanya. And he's not even doing anything...

We both mop up the last of our gravy from our plates, before clearing the table and washing up. As, I clear the table some music in the background begins to get louder. I turn around to find Liam putting the music onto full blast. He grabs his tea tow, and circles it in the air, whilst making his arms form a guitar and he begins to sing along.

"WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!" Liam sings, very childishly. I just look at him and begin to wonder what I ever saw in him. But it just makes me love him even more. In an attempt to stop him, so we can get on and tidy. I wrap my arms around his waist and kiss him.

"I love you" he whispers,

"I love you two" I say as softly as my throat will allow.

But. Then my stomach begins to cramp up and I almost cal apse before Liam managed to grab me. I begin to ache in pain all over. I don't know whats wrong. The next thing I know I'm in Liam's car then in the hospital. It's not long before the doctor begins taking tests. I then realise I've got to call Harry and tell him, only being fair, as this may be his child. 

I'm laying on the hospital bed holding Liam's hand when I come across this thought.

"Liam" he stops me before I can even start,

"What is it? Are you in pain do you need a doctor or a nurse?" He begins,

"No, no, its just... well I should really tell Harry just in case"

Some sort of light fades in his eye. And his smile doesn't seem as wide or real.

"Yeah yeah I'll give him a call let him know and everything"

"Wait what do we say?" I ask

"That somethings wrong with the baby and he should get down here asap." He replays, being rather stupid in the process.

"No like... how come were together... and all, as I am supposed to be with 'Joy'" I answer hopping the penny drops,

"Oh yeah, you were on your way back from town and so was I so I gave you a lift and then something happened with the baby and stayed with you through all the test etc. but we forgot to call straight away" He lies, pretty well. 

"Ok that sounds good" 

Liam leaves the room. Giving me time to think. I've lied so much this year. I'm even living a lie. About 10 minutes after Liam called Harry. Harrys already here with some flowers and magazines and so is the Doctor. Luckily, it was just pre-contractions. Which basically indicates the baby will be here any day now, so me and Liam have to stop seeing each other as the baby could come when were at the lovely flat. Not only that but Harry doesn't want to leave my side so it would be to risky and stupid. But I miss Liam so much, its unreal.  


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