Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


9. The Scan



Chapter 9: The Scan



Harry's been great. Amazing in fact. Ever since he found out about the baby. He said it was the icing to the cake. I just hope the icing doesn't go sour and it turns out to be Liam's baby. I can only hope. I'm trying to hide my doubt about having this baby, as I cant actually tell who's child it is. The dates are just to close together. I'm 5 months gone and every time Harry mentions the baby I can tell Liam's just as anxious as me. But I guess we will find out two weeks after I have the baby. Even though i can't forget, because of my big belly, I do try my hardest to put the mess I've made to the back of my mind. Especially for today. As we have a scan today. We finally get to know the sex of 'our' baby. I can tell just how excited harry is. He said he doesn't care if its a boy or a girl, as long as its healthy. Thats probably a lie. I bet he's hoping for a boy. I told him that I only cared if the baby was healthy. (Even though I'm secretly hopping for a girl) 

"are you ready?" asked Harry,

"yeah" i reply going to pick up my bag when Harry leans in and grabs it for me.

"No let me" he said walking out of the door and towards the car. When I approach the car I go to open the door when he opens it for me.

"I think I'm perfectly capable of opening a door I say.

"I know" he said I don't no wether its the fact that I'm not allowed to pick up my own drink without him doing it for me, which is extremely annoying, or that i feel so guilty, and him being nice makes me feel even worse, if thats possible. As were in the car I can't help but feel nervous, but its nice. For the first time ever my nerves my guilt. which is brilliant. I think Harry can see that I'm nervous because he places his hand on mine and for a while we just sit there hand in hand listening to music driving across the road. Silently. But a nice silent, it's just like the drives we use to go on for the fun of it when we first got together. After a while Harry breaks the silence. 

"You don't have to look so worried, it'll be fine" he said it in a sweet gentle tone, that was almost patronising.

'I know" 

He doesn't say another word he just turns up the music and continues driving. As we got closer to the hospital, he seemed more and more excited. I can't do this to him. He would be crushed if this baby wasn't his. But then again... he'd never know. He'd never need to know. Would he? But what if it was Liam's and Liam wanted everyone to know. I could always tell Liam the baby was Harrys even if it wasn't. He'd never know the truth. But then it becomes even more complicated then it is now. We pull into the hospital and Harry parks the car, not very well, but then again he's never been good at parking. 

Once were in there, we spend about 5 minutes in the waiting room when Mrs Scales, the midwife, calls us into her room were I sit on the bed/seat type thing and she puts this cold jelly like substance on my belly and the baby appears on the screen. To me he or she still looks like an alien, but a perfect alien thats all mine and Harrys or Liam's. About 2 minutes into the scan she asks us if we want to know the sex of the baby and without hesitation we both say yes at the same time. It takes a while but she soon replies "Its a girl"

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