Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


23. The ring



Chapter 23: The Ring



My heart sinks I sit back up and put my seat belt on ready to drive home, not sure what to do next. Harry and Tanya pull out but stop as if they've hit something or someone. I quickly get out of my car to find Liam laying on the floor... I instantly run towards him. He's only half conscious, I quickly hold on to him, crying. I keep repeating I love you, trying to get him to wake up properly. But he doesn't. And to my surprise, Harry hears and instantly asks, but I ignore him. 

"The ambulance is on its way, they said to try and keep him talking, or at least alert" says Tanya,

I look at him and shake his head, but he doesn't move, or even breathe. A short while after, the ambulance arrive and I'm pulled away, I try my hardest to stay but it doesn't work. Myslef, Harry and Tanya wait behind the car. I can't even look at Harry, but even so he begins to shout,

"You and Liam?" 

"YOU AND TANYA!" I shout back, "What you think I didn't know? Well I don't care I love Liam, he's the only one I love, or could ever love!" 

"Is Lilly even mine?" I don't say anything he slams his hand on the car right next to me "IS SHE!" 

I go to my car and grab the letter, I slam it into his chest "I WISH SHE WASNT!" 

We have to Finnish there as an officer comes over, "Is there anywhere we could go? For a quiet chat" he asks, 

"No why?" I reply, 

"I'm very very sorry to tell you this but Liam died a few minutes after the car hit him" 

I don't even blink I just stop, I don't really even here the rest of the officers sentence, I feel as though an arrows gone right through me, and I've had my insides torn out. I can just here Harry asking how, wondering why such a little knock could have killed someone like Liam, it turns out he was wounded badly in the lungs, so he couldn't breathe properly, but I don't take the rest in I just walk forward to see Liam's body being taken in a black bag into the back of the ambulance. When I see his sunglasses, which I got him, laying were his head was, I collapse against the side of Harrys car. I cry for a good 20 minutes not wanting to move or listen to anybody, just wishing he was still here, or that our last moments together were better. I keep repeating the last moments we shared over and over again, before Tanya helps me up and takes me to my car. I begin snapping back into reality. 

"Were's Harry?" I ask,

"He was arrested" Tanya replays,

"You mean he killed my Liam" 

"No, he was driving and... you saw it didn't you?" 

"Yeah but if they've arrested him they think he killed him" 

I get back in my car, and drive to mine and Liam's flat. I go through to our bedroom and grab one of Liam's jumpers and cry myself to sleep. When I wake up, I go on my phone to find 17 miss calls from Harrys mum. When it hits me... Lilly. Harry must of left her with her. I quickly text her telling her I'm on my way, before I go back to our old home and pack up as much as I can, filling 7 suitcases, and 3 travel bags worth of cloths and toys and bottles etc. I then pick up Lilly and head to the flat. Even when I look after Lilly I cry. Harrys been real eased, with further inquiries, but he most probably won't get the justice he deserves, so I'm going to make it my mission to destroy him. I want him to feel worse then I do right now, and for Liam to get the justice he needs. But for today at least, I'm going to put all of that hate behind me, as its the funeral. During the service everyones lovely and says lovely things about Liam. its all true. It was good until Harry walked in. But I tried to act like I liked him, as part of my plan. After woods, Liam's Dad came up to me, in private, and gave me a small blue box containing an engagement ring, with a letter. Not a letter, a speech, Liams speech. He was going to propose when we were out in the open. 

"He told me all about you, of course I knew you through Harry, but he told me how much he loved you, thats all we spoke about. You made him happy, and Im ever so thankful for that," this made me cry, 

"Thank you, for this, if you need anything, call me" 

"Thank you, I will" we leave it at this and I go on reading the letter. Every line was perfect, every word was perfect, even every letter was perfect. When every one leaves for the wake, I go for a moment alone at Liam's grave. I sit right by his head stone and say "yes" I then place the ring on my middle finger, as I know we can't be together. "Its perfect" 



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