Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


12. The... Kiss




Chapter 12: The... Kiss





When we got home, Harry was straight on the phone telling everyone he's ever laid eye's on about the baby.

"Mums made up"

"Shes not the only one" I reply hinting its harry. He gives me a smile before replying

"I knowI just cant believe were going to have a little girl! Im so happy about the name as well"

"You did pick it"

"I know but don't you remember why?"

I look at him. He's actually expecting me to know why?

"Its because Lilly was the flower in the middle of the table on our first date" we cuddle for a while before, were here a knock at the, its probably Liam with the drinks. 

"I'll get it" I say heading to the porch, and opening the door, leaving Harry in the kitchen.

"Hi" I say with a smile trying to act natural, and not show just how awkward I feel.

"Hi, I have beers and some orange juice for the lady" he says poshly holding up a tesco bag.

"Come in" I almost giggle, I love it when he takes the Mick out of posh people.

"Liam's here" I shout to Harry, "and he bought drinks!"

"Hi mate" Harry says to Liam, whilst I sit down and read a magazine.

"Whats your poison?" Liam says to Harry,

"Umm... what you got?" Harry asks,

"a bit of whisky, vodka, beers and half a bottle of wine"

"wo wo wo, how much do you think you boys are drinking tonight?" I step in,

"Sorry preggas" Liam says in a smirky kinda way

"Ha ha ha very funny, you think your the first out of you lot to say that" I reply,

"Anyway, were having a bro night, before the baby gets here, we need to have as many as possible" Harry says in a excited and yet nervous for my reply kinda way,

"Yeah especially as you lot will be the new baby sitters, and that will be your bro night sat inside with a baby, whilst I have a girls night out" I say cheekily,

"So every night" whilst me and Liam were having this conversation neither of us noticed that Harry had left the room, he doesn't return for a couple of seconds, and things between me and Liam go all awkward again. Me and Liam just sit there in silence starring at each other neither of us knowing, what to say. Finally Harry walks in with his hands behind his back.

"Whats that?" I ask intrigued, he takes of the white plastic bag, thats covering something, and reveals a pink vest with purple letters that spell out 'Daddy's Little Girl' 

"Sweet" says Liam

"Do you like it?" Harry asks

"Yeah I say with a giggle. All of a sudden his phone rings, he takes it out of his pocket and immediately looks shell shocked then he quickly hangs up and puts his phone back in his pocket.

"Who was that?" I ask

"No one. Just people trying to sell me stuff that i don't actually need. Now how about I open the remainder of that wine, but only orange juice for you" he leans in for a kiss, before any of us could answer any questions.

As were all sat around drinking, and having a laugh, Harrys phone rings at least another 7 times before he puts it on silent. We decide to play the wii, thats covered in dust, from were it hasn't been used in ages.

"Do you wanna play tennis or... what other games are there?" Harry asks

"I honestly don't know mate I haven't played it in ages... should we just stick to tennis?" Liam asks

"Yeah why not"

As I continue to read my magazine, and the boys play the wii, like 2 year olds, Harrys phone rings twice more, even though its on silent its still irritating. 

"Harry answer your bloody phone" I snap

He grabs it and then flees the room.

"WOW, so its a girl" Liam said, clearly so I would quickly talk to him 

"I know it feels so real now" I reply trying to keep the conversation normal. 

"And you calling her Lilly" he adds


"Without even asking me?" he said it with an annoyed expression in his voice so I can only take it how he meant,

"Why would I?"

"Because" he said it quite loudly, but thinks twice and begins to whisper "that baby could be mine"

"Do you think I didn't already know that? Don't you think I..." Harry enters the room looking more shifty then earlier.

"Your I need to go..." Harry  says whilst grabbing his coat and car keys.

"Were?" I ask 

"Mums... she feels ill and I said I would drop some medicine round" Harry replies,

"Ok love you" I say blowing a kiss, as i can't be bothered to get up

"Love you two" Harry blows a kiss in return.

I know he's lying. I can tell but I need to Finnish my conversation with Liam, as right now that more important to me. We both wait until the doors closed before we resume our conversation.

"So you were saying" Liam begins,

"Look it doesn't matter. The point is even if it is your baby Harry can't know in fact no one can"

This doesn't sit well with Liam "Don't you think I don't know that to? But if it is mine how can you expect me to carry on without being there for my child because of a stupid situation I already can't have you I'm not... Im not letting my child go" 

I had never even thought of it like that until now. Liam's right if it is his child, how can I expect him to just leave and stay away. Then it hits me...

"What do you mean let me go?" I ask

"I never stopped loving you" he begins " when you got married to Harry, it almost broke me thats why I hid away in Australia and when I found out you were pregnant I... hoped it was my child"

"You loved me? And what do you mean hoped?" I'm furious now "you do realise if this is your baby then..." 

He doesn't let me Finnish, he's sat right next me and tucked my hair behind my ear, everything goes quit and Liam's just staring at me and I forget everything Harry, the baby, the mess Ive made, Im taken back to when we first got together, and I think Liam knows this as he leans in and we kiss.

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