Put To The Test

A Harry Styles and a Liam Payne love story, were everything goes wrong just when its suppose to go right.


22. The DNA Results



Chapter 22: The DNA results 




I cry and cry at the mess I've made of everything. My marriage, even having children. It should be the happiest time of my life. But it isn't. Off course I can never, not even for one second, regret having her. I just regret how it happened. I arrive at the doctors. I sit in my car for what feels like hours, but its only 5 minutes. I have to work up the courage to go in. I finally do. I go up to the receptionist who looks rather old and wears a long badge skirt with a blue floral blouse and a long necklace. 

"Results for Stacey Styles" I say,

She looks around in a black folder before retrieving an envelope with me name on it.

"Here you go" 

"Thanks" I have to quickly sign a couple of forms confirming who I am. I then head for my car, were I sit for ages staring at the envelope not knowing what to do or how to open it. My fingers are trembling. I carefully open it. I skip all the boring parts and head for the name. To be precise Liam's name. Liam's her dad. I'm relieved, nervous, upset, happy, and confused all at once. I just sit there looking at the paper until someone takes some pictures of me and I'm forced to drop the documents and drive. What if Harry sees? But... then again no one will know what I'm reading so it won't matter and soon very soon, there will be no me and Harry. Just Harry and Tanya, and then myself and Liam.  I drive around the country side for a while before heading into town. A park out of the way in a fairly busy area. I try reading the letter but get distracted when I see Harry and a worried Tanya talking to Harry. I'm guessing she's telling  him I know. I soon look away and duck down, this makes me want to know for sure that Harry isn't the Dad. I carefully read every line. I don't believe it.... Liam... she's... she's... she's not Liam's. She's Harrys.


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